Luxe in a Box

Looking to pick up a beauty treat for yourself? Have you thought of maybe picking up a Loose Button Luxe Box?

I have been a fan of Luxe Boxes for years. I actually picked up my very first beauty box (which happened to be a Luxe Box) back in 2011… Crazy how time flies, right? Luxe Box looks a lot different now than it did then but it has always remained one of my favourite services. I still love the excitement of receiving a parcel in the mail and opening it to find new products to try & cool brands to discover.

If you're not familiar Luxe Box, it is a seasonal beauty box, curated with 7-8 products based on your beauty profile, that allows you to discover new brands and products.

Beauty boxes aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to gift yourself (or a fellow beauty lover) something fun, here’s how the Luxe Box works:

You can sign up for a Luxe Box here (link!). In order to personalize your box (specific to your skin type, hair type, and preferences), you have to fill out your beauty profile. Every season, Loose Button will ship your Luxe Box directly to you, so you can play with your new goodies from the comfort of home.

If you only want a one-time box, it will set you back $26. They also offers an annual plan (that’s four boxes) for $24/box or a semi-annual plan (that’s two boxes) for $25/box. As always, these prices include complimentary shipping.

If you want more of an idea of what products you can expect, browse through my past unboxings here (link!).

I also love when collab or themed Luxe Boxes come out. In the past, they’ve created limited edition boxes in collaboration with Zoomer and LouLou. This Spring, they have a special collaboration with Benefit!

If you’re a Luxe Box member, you’ll be able to swap your Spring 2015 Luxe Box for the limited edition Bene-Boutique at no additional cost. Great deal, right?

If you want to see a sneak peeks of what will be inside the Bene-Boutique, check out Loose Button’s Instagram or Twitter! Also, be sure to sign up on the wait list to be notified of availability (link!).

Let me know in the comments which beauty boxes you've tried! :) x


  1. I wonder if that's a chanel nail polish ....hmmmm. Lol!

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  5. This is so cute, love the concept of subscription boxes though I haven't signed up for any!
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