Empties #6

Once in a while, I actually use up products from my hoard. It always feels like a bit of an achievement so I wanted to share it with you.

Sephora Eye Masks - These are a nice little treat for the under eyes. They don't do anything remarkable, but they do feel refreshing on the skin. They're a nice little travel companion. If I had to choose a favourite between the ones I've tried (Green Tea, Lotus and Rose), I would have to say Rose. No particular reason, really. They all felt the same. I do want to try the Avocado eye mask next though.

Phyto - I have finally gone through the last of the Phyto products I own. I went on a bit of a Phyto bender a couple years ago and bought 3-4 different products from the brand. The Phyrodefrisant is an anti-frizz serum that does help prevent my hair from frizzing out; however, I would not repurchase this again because the packaging was awful. The aluminium tube isn't really conducive to hold such a liquid-y product, so it was quite messy to apply. Phyto 9 is a great cream for dry hair! I'd definitely pick this one up again (just wish they would change the packaging).

Living Proof - The Perfect Hair Day collection is one of my favourite hair care lines. They smell great and they perform well. I really like using the styling treatment after washing my hair. It helps give me a great blow-out that lasts all day long.

DHC - I wish I picked up more products from DHC while I was in Japan because if their cleansing oil is an indicator of how great their product line is, I am missing out! The Deep Cleansing Oil removed all traces of makeup on my skin & left my skin feeling smoothed and hydrated. I still have one more bottle left and I would repurchase it in a heart beat.

Hourglass - I wouldn't say that I'm picky with my brow products, but I do want something that is easy to apply & that will last all day long. The Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (in the shade Dark Brunette) is one of my favourite brow products because it fits the bill. It's a wedge shaped pencil that fills the brows in quickly and it stays put all day long. It's a bit pricey ($37), but it does last quite a few months with everyday use.

Benefit - If I don't use a brow pencil, I will usually always use a brow gel. I have such unruly brow hairs that if I don't tame them, they will run wild & free. I like the Gimme Brow because it has a small brush for precise application and it has fibers to aid in subtly filling in brows. Plus, no crunchiness!

NARS - One of my favourite concealers is the Creamy Radiant Concealer (in the shade Ginger) from NARS. It's great for under the eyes and also over blemishes. It's a drier formulation but it still blends beautifully to conceal / brighten problem areas.

Lancome - Some of my favourite mascaras come from Lancome. My ultimate favourite is Hypnose Doll Lashes. Not only is the cone-shaped wand a breeze to use, but the formulation separates, lengthens and fans out my short stubby lashes.

Essie Set in Stones is a beautiful silver glitter polish. The downside is that it dries up so easily (at least for me). This is the second bottle that has shrivelled up before I could use it up.

Laneige - This was not my favourite moisturizer. In fact, it broke me out severely. I'm not entirely sure why because I've used Amore Pacific (Laneige's parent company) many times before & never had this problem. The Bright Renew Emulsion moisturizer gave me terrible breakouts on the forehead after two uses. That experience has turned me off all of the Laneige products, which is unfortunate because they look that they have a nice line-up.

Beauty Blender - I love my beauty blender, but I did not love this cleanser. I wasn't a fan of the scent and also I found that it took forever for the suds/soap to rinse away (even with the tiniest amount used).

Pond's - This Acne Clear White cleanser that I picked up in the Philippines turned out quite well. Even though it has micro-exfoliating beads in the cream, it doesn't feel abrasive on the skin. It also didn't leave my skin feeling dry after a cleanse.

Elizabeth & James - My obsession with this fragrance is real! I just love the soft and sophisticated scent of Nirvana White—I'm horrible at describing scents, but the mix of musk and floral is divine. I wish it lasted a bit longer on, though... Once it dries down, it only lingers for a couple hours.

The Body Shop - I can't get enough of masks. Peel-off masks, rinse-off masks, sheet masks and now sleeping masks. The Bouncy Sleeping Mask from the Body Shop is a lovely addition to your night-time routine for beautifully moisturized skin in the morning.

Only two fails this round, I think that's a success! x

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