The Master's Brush Cleaner

All you brush enthusiasts know that the best way to make your brushes last is to deep clean them. This will also help make your makeup last, too. Now, there are a lot of different ways to clean your brushes and many different cleansers you can use, too. You can use gentle shampoo, dish soap, or a dedicated brush cleaner.

The last couple of weeks, I have been using & loving this "new" brush cleanser called the Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver. I've actually been using it for years on paint brushes, but until recently, I never thought to use it on my makeup brushes.

It is a fantastic brush cleaner. It is gentle enough to use on natural hair or synthetic brushes, but it's strong enough to get rid of any makeup residue in the bristles. The solid cleanser is easy to travel with and easy to store. It has a fleeting citrusy scent that isn't overwhelming. It's also a great alternative to the solid Beauty Blender Cleanser.

You can find the Masters Brush Cleaner at Michael's or other craft supply stores. It retails for $12.99, but Michael's often has promotions (i.e., up to 50% off coupons), so you can get it at an even lower price. 

It comes in two sizes, too. Shown is the 2.5oz pot, but it also comes in a larger 24oz container. That's the one I originally bought for my makeup brushes years ago and I've only just now used it up. It's a much better value since you get 24 ounces for under $30.

Anyway, you can use the Masters Brush Cleaner in two different ways:

1. Deep Cleaning

To deep clean your brush, begin by rinsing your brush in water. Swirl the brush into the compound and work it into a lather. Rinse (and repeat if necessary) until the brush is clean.

2. Deep Conditioning

If you find that your brush needs a little extra TLC, let the brush sit with the cleaner on the bristles for 10 minutes and then resume with the steps above.

Once you've completed either step, shape your brushes and lay them to air dry. Use a brush guard for even better results. They will look (and feel) like new. 

After I've finished washing all my brushes, I take the brush cleaner and quickly run it under the tap to rinse off any makeup residue and then I let it dry. You can leave the lid off or put it back on, I have not experienced any degradation of the compound either way.

The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver

The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver

The size - this pot holds 2.5oz

The Masters Brush Cleaner & Beauty Blender Cleanser

Like I said, the Masters Brush Cleaner (MBC) is an excellent alternative to the solid Beauty Blender cleanser (BBC). I think it's better, actually.

l-r: The Masters Brush Cleaner, Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid


  • Packaging is similar, both are in a solid compound;
  • They are both travel friendly (especially air travel);
  • They both clean brushes and beauty sponges well.


  • While the packaging is similar, the BBC compound is loose in the canister, so you can pop it out if you want to (I don't find this to be any more useful, though);
  • MBC's scent is much more pleasant;
  • I find MBC leaves my brushes feeling much softer after cleaning;
  • MBC is much less expensive and you also get two times more product.

l-r: The Masters Brush Cleaner, Beauty Blender Cleanser

What do you use to clean your brushes? x

Pricing & Availability:

The Masters Brush Cleanser, 2.5 oz, $12.99, Michael's, other craft supply stores
Beauty Blender Cleanser, solid, 1oz, $20, Sephora

EDIT | Holy inflation (or just the inflation in Canada), batman! The 24oz container is actually $44.99 at Michael's now. It's still around $30 on


  1. Great review! I think for what its worth I'm gonna have to check this out :)

    xoxo, charlene

  2. Oh I used to use that all the time when I painted, why did I never think of it. I really came close to buying the Beauty Blender solid cleanser a few days ago, now I know what I really need instead. Thanks, great post!

  3. I know! It seems like something obvious, but I really never thought of it until I had them sitting right next to each other -- It's a wonderful cleaner :) x

  4. The price alone makes it a winner :) x

  5. OO! this looks quite promising. i've used up my mac cleaner so this might work


    A Beautiful Zen