The Hodgepodge Palette

A couple days ago, I did a post on the MAC Pro Palette that I picked up after hearing about their price drop and here's the semi-finished product.

I used to be petrified about depotting products, whether it was blush or lipstick, the thought of ruining the packaging (for "just in case") was scary. Those days are long gone...

I originally had a different idea for this palette. It was going to be strictly lipsticks on one side and blushes on the other. Then it turned into a hodgepodge of creams because I got a little depot-happy. So, there's a mix of lipsticks, cream blushes, and a concealer (with two empty wells that I haven't filled yet).

I quite like these wells & find them really useful. They're fairly easy to pop out of the palette, so you can always switch inserts. I have another 12 well and also a 24 well that I could easily interchange.

Do you depot lipsticks / other cream products? x

Ps, I still cringe at the thought of disturbing the sleek tube of a Chanel lipstick or the etched check of a Burberry lippy, though. Baby steps.

Palette contains: Lipsticks are MAC, Maybelline, Revlon, Annabelle, and the Body Shop; Concealer is Laura Mercier; Cream blushes are Revlon


  1. Hahaha! I would never depot my Burberry lippies!! LOL!

  2. I've heard about depotting products, some
    say its good, but some also say its not. :P

  3. I love the palette you've made! I don't depot lipsticks simply because I like the convenience of having them in a tube! :)


  4. I have wanted to, but never got around to doing it. However I do like how your depot session turned out~ So bright and happy :)

  5. I can see the convenience of depotting but everytime I just makes me cringe and yes.. the thought of snipping the bullet off a pretty piece of packaging is a sad sad thought.

  6. oh man...not lying but half the fun of buying high end products is for the packaging. i could never depot a chanel (if i had one lol) i tend to chip a lot of depotted powder shadows but honestly, i'll never get through an entire pan so a little here and there won't hurt. i have, however, completely shattered a few in the process of depotting...that's obviously more disappointing.

  7. I used to be petrified of depotting too but I recently depotted all of my lipsticks because storage was getting ridiculous and so space consuming. I also want to build a kit slowly so I sanitized some and some I kept for personal use. I don't regret it at all!

  8. I don't know if I could depot a lipstick...I'm still scared! I like your mish mash palette because it is literally a collection of your most favourite colours!