The Weekend Uniform

Long-sleeve cotton top, Lord & Taylor (the Bay) | Coloured ankle pants, Forever21 | Skull scarf, Alexander McQueen | Leather belt, American Eagle | Smoking slippers, Walmart | Neverfull MM, Louis Vuitton | Bubble Umbrella, Amazon

A quick Saturday outfit. This ensemble of pieces has become a uniform of mine throughout the years. Not in it's entirety, but very close. I love pairing white tops with... anything, really (shorts, pants, skirts, denim). It's my go-to for a quick and effortless outfit.

I'm more indecisive when it comes to what lipstick I'm going to wear. I think I changed up my lip colour three of four times throughout this day. I started off with a dark red, then a coral, back to the red, then a clear lip balm, and finally a nude lip gloss.

It was a bit chilly on the weekend, but I loved it! So refreshing. Not a huge fan of the rain that followed, though. I was lined up at the Magnum pop-up store when a brief downpour occurred -- needless to say, I was grateful for going back to the car for the umbrella.

Btw, the shoes... only $8 from Walmart! They're pretty comfortable, too. Along the same line as H&M flats, but even less expensive. There were a few different colours... black, turquoise, royal blue. I picked them up recently, so they should still be floating around.

Do you have a go-to weekend outfit? x


  1. in love with the whole outfit :) I'm thinking about getting those slippers too in black so inexpensive :) PS. I think the pics you posted on instagram are my favourite lol cadids are the best!

  2. Fun shoes!!!! They match the lining of your bag!!

    xo Emma

  3. Love this look! Those clear umbrellas are so cute :)

  4. love the umbrella~ must check out amazon now :)

  5. I would recommend the one I bought -- but it's not the best quality, actually. The plastic feels a little flimsy -- although it has held up quite well in rainstorms. Americal Apparel has a nice one! $19 :) x

  6. I had been on the hunt for a clear bubble umbrella for so long haha x

  7. I love candids too! They're so much fun to look back on :). Highly recommend the flats! So comfy! x