(Belated) Holiday Gift Guide

Hi lovelies,

I imagine this will only be helpful for the very last minute shopper, but if that's you, here are some ideas that would make great gifts for the holidays (or all year round). So, ladies first...

1. Burberry lip glow trio. Burberry glosses are becoming my new favourite formula. I like this trio because you get three full sized glosses (their best selling ones) and it's 20% cheaper than buying the three individually. I got mine from the Burberry Counter at Holt Renfrew on Bloor St.

2. A Pandora bracelet or charm. This is always a great gift. There are so many different charms / bracelets, there's one for anyone / any occasion.

3. A planner. I love picking up a new planner. It's a great way to stay organized throughout the year. My favourite is from Moleskine. It's not as sparkly as other planner but it's functional and classic.

4. Echo Design Touch gloves. I was (and still am) obsessed with these gloves. I discovered them last year. They're a great gift for all of us touch screen techies because your hands can stay warm in the winter weather and still be able to stay connected.

Other great gifts are any of the gift sets from Sephora or even a gift card to a spa.

Now, shopping for us is easy, but what do you get the guy in your life? Again, there's the obvious choices like electronics (video games, tablets, iPads, iPods, iPhones -- basically i-anything), a wallet (something that you know your guy will always have / use), a watch, or cologne (my faves are Aqua di Gio and Bleu de Chanel). Here are some other great gifts:

1. Nike Fuelband. This would work great for men and women. It's stylish yet functional. It will keep you on track with your fitness goals, whether it's maintaining a healthy lifestyle or shedding those holiday pounds.

2. A John Allan's membership. Guys may not want to admit, but they like getting pampered as much as us. This is a grooming club that caters to men only. They offer a full service experience: hair cut, scalp massage, manicure, shoe shine, and complimentary beer taps behind the bar.

3. A world-class bottle of single malt. A perfect holiday / winter whiskey. The flavour is a mix of Sherry, fruit, raisins, and cocoa, all mixed with a few wood notes.

4. A custom dress shirt or suit. At least once in his life, a man should have a dress shirt (or two... or five) custom made. There's something about the unsurpassable fit and the attention to detail that goes into having a shirt that fits perfectly.

Are you finished your holiday shopping? What was on your list this year? x


  1. great gift guide! I'm all done my shopping, but I'm sure many are still searching for ideas! :)

  2. Great ideas! I should get those touch screen gloves. Happy Holidays!

  3. Cool ideas...i think i'l be shopping for my boyfriend past christmas and a custom made shirt would be great for him! :) thanks xx