NOTD #40: Julep Alfre & Felicity

I decided to try out my new August Julep polishes today, so, here's what they look like on.

Felicity is the golden shade and Alfre is the metallic purple.

They apply great, opaque in two coats, but as you can see, they chip easily. It's mainly my own fault, though, I have no patience when it comes to drying my nails.

I like the dimension of the metallic finish of Alfre, it has a silvery sheen, but I'm not in love with the colour on me. I really like Felicity, though. I like the chrome finish, it's like sunshine in a bottle.

What do you think? x


  1. Replies
    1. It looks a little different in pictures than in person x

  2. I am definitely liking Felicity on you.

  3. I like Alfre! :)
    I'm still deciding if i want to suscribe to Julep.
    Is it worth suscribing? x

    1. I've been really enjoying the service, you should wait until they have one of those penny promos or something. That way you can try it out first. What I like about Julep is that you can choose which polish you want for the month or you can skip if you don't see anything you like x

  4. I love it! please check out my blog :)