August Julep Box

Classic with a Twist was my style of choice this month. Actually, I completely forgot about my Julep box & missed out on choosing a style. I like the colours I received though.

August is Julep's birthday month, so the box looked a little different than usual. The box that came was not the usual black colour but a bright pink and it was much bigger than normal. It also contained a cute tote (similar in size to the small ones you get from Lululemon).

The two shades I received are: Alfre (a pretty mettalic purple) and Felicity (a yellow gold chrome). I haven't tried them yet so I can't comment on the application, but you can expect to see them in a NOTD post soon.

The bonus product in this month's box was a mini bottle of acetone free nail polish remover. I love the size of the bottle, it would be great for traveling. I just used it last night and it does feel nice on the nails. It doesn't dry out your nails, which is great.

Did you get a Julep box this month? x


  1. Love how you rested two nail polishes on the remover. That pic is so clever and cute :)

  2. Looks like another great box ;) Love how they actually make you feel appreciated as part of their company!

  3. In regards to your Aug. 1st post, how long does it normally take Sephora to ship your online orders?

    1. Their Canadian order process is a little annoying. My order usually "ships" the day I place it (or the next business day)... But they ship it to a third party to be inspected by Customs before it is actually shipped to you. All and all, I've had the delivery time range from a week and a half to almost three weeks. I guess it just depends.

  4. I'm thinking of purchasing a 1oz bottle of Flowerbomb from Sephora and was wondering how long it will last before it expires?