March Luxe Box 2.0

No, you're not seeing things. I did receive two boxes this month. I have no idea why but it was a lovely surprise. The box came the day after my first one arrived. Check out my first box if you haven't already.

I received two of the same products in my last box (i.e. the Cargo Lash Activator and the Chi Silk Infusion). The other two products were new:

* J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotion - This is an organic lotion which is made of 10 natural oils and extracts. It's nice on the skin and it's moisturizing.

* China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) - This is a full-sized bottle and the colour is beautiful. I don't have a colour like it in my collection. It's a bright neon purple with blue microglitter. It has a matte finish, so a topcoat may be necessary.

The nail polish was my favourite product this month. Overall, I was still a little disappointed that there wasn't the wow factor I had hopes for but I like the variety of products.



  1. Awesome nail polish colour! I have to add this to my Wishlist!

  2. @Mihaela @Jayne I know! It's so bright and fun!

  3. I saw a video just yesterday of another girl's luxeboxes... she got two as well, because she was billed twice and has been the past couple months... I'd check my credit card bills to make sure this didn't happen to you too!

  4. ohhhh that china glaze polish is sooo pretty :)

  5. Hope to see swatches of this polish soon!

  6. hey love your blog :) hehe

    seriously wanna ask though, where did you get your bioderma cleansers for only $22???? SDM is the only place i can find them here (VancouveR) and they're $29 on sale....

    there's a $30 one ($44 value) largeee bottle but still!

  7. @Kristy Thanks for letting me know! I double checked my bill and I was only charged once! Weird :/

    @charlene-ann I know, right?! Haha it was the first thing I noticed xx

    @Rites of Beauty Hopefully soon!! xx

    @Anonymous Hmm.. I don't know.. I got them from an SDM here in Toronto. I think that's just the price for them here in Ontario because the price is $22 in all SDM stores I've been to. They're the smaller bottles (250ml), though.

  8. Weird thing too, I just received 2 GlossyBoxes in the mail !
    ...With the exact same thing in them lol
    I won't tell you what is inside both of them hence I don't know if you received yours. For me, it was a so-so box this month.

  9. @Cynthia That's strange! I haven't received mine yet :( It was supposed to come today but I've learned to tack on an extra day to whatever Canada Post tells me haha. I wonder if all the boxes are the same..

  10. @Aleeza ok, I'm waiting your post so we can share our opinions :)