March 2012 Luxe Box

Yes, I resubscribed to Luxe Box...

For two reasons:

1. I had said before that I was planning to resubscribe for their March box because it's their One Year Anniversary! I had high hopes that the box would be spectacular to commemorate the milestone.

2. I noticed that I gained enough referrals for two free boxes. So I had to reactivate my subscription to 
claim them. I still had to pay the $12 + tax for the initial box but got three months worth of boxes.

So here is what I received in my box:

There was a nice card from Loose Button. At first I thought it was on rice paper but it turns out it's a special paper with seeds that when planted will grow into a plant.

* MyScent which included three sample fragrances - Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Purr by Katy Perry, and Daisy Eau Fresh by Marc Jacobs. The samples weren't anything special but I did particularly enjoy the Daisy Eau Fresh.

* Chi Silk Infusion - I really like the Silk Infusion on my hair but I've already received this product in a previous Luxe Box a few months ago and I haven't even finished it yet.

* Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organize Face Cream for Dry Skin - I like that it is the perfect size for travel and it feels nice on the skin. Leaves a bit of a residue in the beginning but it quickly absorbs into the skin. With this product came an exclusive invitation to a shopping event at the Consonant flagship store and 20% off.

* Cargo Lash Activator - A mascara that is supposed to help your lashes grow and also strengthen the roots to help prevent your lashes from falling out. It has a plastic bristle brush but I have yet to try this.

I was kind of disappointed with this box. Maybe it's because my expectations were too high -- I was expecting something really special this month. Maybe it's because I missed out on the First in Line*** to reserve a product. Nonetheless, this box didn't wow me.

Oh well, I'm not too upset considering that I technically only paid $4 for this box.

Did you enjoy your Luxe Box this month? xx

*** P.S.,

The products in the First in Line this month were two (full-size) Cargo products and a haircare product, I believe. Unlike previous months where Loose Button would just send out a surprise email about the First in Line, this month Loose Button advertised in advance when they were going to be starting reservations.

So when the time came, Loose Button's page crashed because so many users were logging in at once to reserve a product. When the page didn't load for me, I refreshed a couple times but then I just gave up.

I didn't really care enough to keep trying, so I didn't get to reserve anything. I reasoned that perhaps I would receive an equally satisfying box. Maybe I would've been happier with my box if I had gotten one of those products.


  1. My thoughts exactly! I like the seeded cards more than I liked the products lol

  2. ...You didn't get any of the products because you didn't reserve? That's a bit ridiculous...

  3. @Mihaela I really like the new Daisy perfume. Maybe even a little more than the original.

    @Samantha So true!! I'm going to try to plant it and see what happens. I've never had much of a green thumb though lol.

    @Kristy Yeah, it's kind of a flawed system. I guess they only have a certain quantity of those particular samples so if you don't reserve, you miss out :(.

  4. This was my first luxebox and I have to add that I wasn't wowed either. It wasn't bad or horrible just more of a disappointment. Here is what I got.
    1. Keratase hair masque
    2. DDF advanced firming cream
    3. MyScent samples (marc jacobs, ck one shock for her, and vera wang lovestruck
    4. the Cargo Glitter Top Coat
    i also received an extra in my box. ck one for him. it was a very large sample size.
    I am only 30 ... and i didn't really like/need the anti-aging cream. and i didn't really want the mens sample. I have yet to see anyone else who received it.