Week in Photos

Hi lovelies,

I hope you had a lovely week! Mine went by fairly quick as per usual.

* I sat in on the Nortel trial -- it's one of the biggest fraud trials in Canadian corporate history. The trial only began a couple weeks ago (and it's expected to drag on for 6 months), so, it's a little dry. They're going through each and every pro forma and GAAP statement that Nortel had to build a timeline. Still, I was fascinated.

* I've been on a cupcake binge lately but I think I'm going to switch my focus to Macarons (aka Macaroons)! If anyone knows a great bakery that sells them in the GTA, please let me know :).

* I discovered Green Tea Ginger Ale, which is delicious. It's the best of both worlds.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Check out this link, I used to find a good macarons bakery.


  2. where did you get those cupcakes?! the best macarons i've had in toronto so far are from moroco in yorkville. nadege is also pretty good (queen st w but i heard that they have a new location around eglinton). and if i'm uptown and am craving a macaron, you can always find them at pusateri's but i don't think they're that great...

  3. Try sugar tiers at 404 and major mac. The filling is nice and light. Or ruelo at times square (Leslie and highway 7) they have interesting flavour combos but kinda pricey. Or Leslie and John at at noisette but they use a buttercream filling so it's quite heavy. Or la bamboche which is super super Yums or nadege. Haha have fun and be sure to let us know which places u liked!