Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Loose Button Luxe Box Haul - March

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Hi everyone,

So I have been waiting for my Luxe Box from Loose Button to come since I first ordered it at the beginning of the month. For those of you who don't know what Luxe Boxes are, it is something you sign up for (around $10 for one month and free shipping) and you receive a box filled with three to five high-end deluxe samples of beauty products. 

The reason I wanted to try this out was mainly from all the hype with Birchbox. Unfortunately, you can't get Birchbox in Canada. It's so annoying that Canada misses out on tons of stuff -- from Birchbox to free shipping, etc). So I went on a hunt for something similar for Canadians and came across the company Loose Button.

I was really excited to try it out and for $10, you can't really go wrong.

I am a sucker for nice packaging and Loose Button didn't disappoint. My luxe box came in a little brown box with their name on it and a cute ribbon.

When I opened it up, there was a personalized card with my name on it and also it had all the product details of the items inside the box.

My luxe box came with four samples from Stila, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Grant. Overall, I was very pleased with the samples. They were all a fair size, considerably more than you would get from any beauty counter I would say. Plus, it also came with a chocolate Hershey kiss. It reminded me of those little mints/chocolates you get on your pillow at hotels.

The PROS of Luxe Box:
- It gives you a chance to try out products before you buy them
- You're able to try products you normally wouldn't purchase
- You get an assortment of handpicked products delivered right to your door
- You can pick and choose which months you want to participate in it since you pay one month at a time (or 3 months at a time, if you choose that option)

The CONS of Luxe Box:
- You can't pick and choose the types of samples you get, so some months you might love everything you get, others you might not
- If you already have a lot of makeup, you might get samples of products you already own or have already tried

Bottom line: I think this is a great way to try new and different products. It's especially great if you're a beauty & make-up lover.


P.S., you can watch the video of my March Luxe Box below :).

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Updated Pandora Charm Bracelet

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Ever since I posted a video on how to build a Pandora charm bracelet, I have gotten so many requests to do a video on my updated bracelet. This will be my second updated Pandora charm bracelet (you can view the first one here).

For those of you who are interested in Pandora but want more information on it, you can watch my How-to video below. 

On to my updated Pandora bracelet. I have had my bracelet for over a year now and throughout that time, I have slowly been updating my it by buying new charms every now and then. Also, I've received a few charms as gifts.

Charms (from left to right): S-Clip, suitcase, gift box, and Murano glass bead - white teal polk dots

Charms (from left to right): Onyx drop dangle, moon&stars, ribbed clip, Murano glass bead - red love pink hearts, elephant, bloom dangle with grey pearl,  Chamelia - Snowflake, and Number 21 dangle

Charms (from left to right): S-clip, big smooth heart, Girl, Murano glass bead - red with white flowers, boy, Chamellia - Hug, and ribbed clip

You can view my most recent updated Pandora bracelet below.


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Monday, March 07, 2011

Balmshell - What's in your Purse? Contest

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Hey guys, so Balmshell is having this really awesome contest that I think everyone should go check out. For those of you who don't know, Balmshell is a Canadian cosmetic company that offers fun and high-quality products. They have a great collection of lip glosses that come in lots of different tints and conditions your lips. And I promise they're not paying me to say that! :). Their products are sort of hard to get, it's only available in certain stores (like select Shoppers Drugmart beauty boutiques). So this contest is a really easy (and free) way to get your hands on Balmshell's products!  And it's simple... all you have to do is show what's in your purse!  Check out the image below & click it for more information (btw, the image was taken directly from Balmshell's blog).

See? Really easy, right?

And who doesn't love knowing what's in other people's purses? I know, I do.

Want to see what's in mine? Well, here it is...

- wallet
- make-up bag
- travel sized brush
- blush
- pressed powder
- lipstick
- concealer
- rose salve from bath&body works
- tissues
- hand cream
- hair elastic
- handkerchief
- cupcake compact mirror
- USB drive
- house key
- car key with Sharpie key chain
- pens & a Sharpie
- glasses
- sunglasses
- flashlight
- iPod with ear phones
- phone
- camera
- Hello Kitty key chain
- Planner (from Starbucks)

What's in yours? :)


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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hello, it's me..

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Hi everyone!!

I haven't update this blog in a while... I may have forgotten about it... BUT I have big plans to revivify it!! :)

In the meantime, I wanted to share some pictures I took while I was on vacation over the holidays. If you have seen my last couple videos, I mentioned that I went to the Philippines over the holidays. It was great! I had lots of fun and had an amazing time.

Christmas Tree at the Trinoma (a huge mall in Manila).

Me & my cousin at the University of Santo Tomas Christmas concert celebration.

A 'bangka' in the South China sea.

Tagaytay: in front of Lake Taal where the Taal Volcano is.

Lake Taal and the Taal Volcano. It's submerged in the water.

A ferris wheel at Enchanted Kingdom (a small amusement park).

View of Enchanted Kingdom from the top of the ferris wheel.

 Prada's gorgeous window display at the Seoul Airport in South Korea.


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