My Updated Pandora Charm Bracelet

Ever since I posted a video on how to build a Pandora charm bracelet, I have gotten so many requests to do a video on my updated bracelet. This will be my second updated Pandora charm bracelet (you can view the first one here).

For those of you who are interested in Pandora but want more information on it, you can watch my How-to video below. 

On to my updated Pandora bracelet. I have had my bracelet for over a year now and throughout that time, I have slowly been updating my it by buying new charms every now and then. Also, I've received a few charms as gifts.

Charms (from left to right): S-Clip, suitcase, gift box, and Murano glass bead - white teal polk dots

Charms (from left to right): Onyx drop dangle, moon&stars, ribbed clip, Murano glass bead - red love pink hearts, elephant, bloom dangle with grey pearl,  Chamelia - Snowflake, and Number 21 dangle

Charms (from left to right): S-clip, big smooth heart, Girl, Murano glass bead - red with white flowers, boy, Chamellia - Hug, and ribbed clip

You can view my most recent updated Pandora bracelet below.



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