Balmshell - What's in your Purse? Contest

Hey guys, so Balmshell is having this really awesome contest that I think everyone should go check out. For those of you who don't know, Balmshell is a Canadian cosmetic company that offers fun and high-quality products. They have a great collection of lip glosses that come in lots of different tints and conditions your lips. And I promise they're not paying me to say that! :). Their products are sort of hard to get, it's only available in certain stores (like select Shoppers Drugmart beauty boutiques). So this contest is a really easy (and free) way to get your hands on Balmshell's products!  And it's simple... all you have to do is show what's in your purse!  Check out the image below & click it for more information (btw, the image was taken directly from Balmshell's blog).

See? Really easy, right?

And who doesn't love knowing what's in other people's purses? I know, I do.

Want to see what's in mine? Well, here it is...

- wallet
- make-up bag
- travel sized brush
- blush
- pressed powder
- lipstick
- concealer
- rose salve from bath&body works
- tissues
- hand cream
- hair elastic
- handkerchief
- cupcake compact mirror
- USB drive
- house key
- car key with Sharpie key chain
- pens & a Sharpie
- glasses
- sunglasses
- flashlight
- iPod with ear phones
- phone
- camera
- Hello Kitty key chain
- Planner (from Starbucks)

What's in yours? :)



  1. Cool contest! Thanks for tthe heads up!
    And what purse is that in your picture?

  2. @Hales Thanks! And it's a Louis Vuitton Damier Neverful (sorry for the late reply) :).