Revlon Lip Butters Have Arrived!

Have you visited your nearest drugstore lately? If not, you definitely should because you may luck out and find some Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters!

I've been lucky enough to find them at several places, including Shoppers Drugmart and Rexall.

Now, we don't have the full range of colors yet here in Canada, but we are starting to get a pretty good selection. I picked up five shades: Crème brûlée, Pink truffle, Berry smoothie, Lollipop, and Sweet tart.

Crème brûlée

Pink Truffle

Berry Smoothie

Sweet Tart

Here are some swatches:
With Flash

Without Flash

 Here's what they look like on:

In Natural Light

Overall, I do like the lips butters! I wouldn't go out and buy every color, but they're worth a second look.  They go on the lips nicely and are fairly hydrating. The lasting power isn't amazing though. It last for a couple hours (even without eating/drinking) before I have to reapply. However, the color selection is great and the pigmentation on some of the colours is incredible. For instance, Lollipop and Sweet Tart. The pigmentation on these two colours is so great that it is easily passable as a lipstick on the lips.

In comparison to the Vasanti Tinted Lip Balms that I own (which I have a separate post for), I would say that I prefer Vasanti over Revlon. Here's why:
  • Though I enjoy the Revlon lip butters, I just don't feel like they moisturize my lips as much as the Vasanti tinted lip balms do
  • I also prefer the scent of the Vasanti tinted lip balms (which smell almost fruity) over the Revlon lip btuters (which smell more chemically)
  • I do like that Revlon has more color selection because it has a color that will probably suit everyone

I still would definitely recommend checking the Revlon lip butters out though! Especially if you're not really a lipstick fan. The lip butters apply more sheer than lipsticks, but still offer great color.

They retail around the $10, higher or lower, depending on where you go. If you're interested, go check out your nearest Rexall store because they are currently have a BOGO sales with their lip products! That way you can basically get 2 for $10!

Have you picked up any lip butters? Which colour & what do you think about them? Worth the hype?


P.S., yes... I broke P10P. It's been a rough couple days... especially with the Benefit Glam Giveaways. But I'm still determined to finish this challenge! 


  1. Love the Creme Brulee & Pink Truffle... I will have to keep my eye out for these!

  2. awesome review as always... all the colours look great on you! so glad you mentioned that you found some of the lip butters difficult to open because i seriously thought it was just me. :)