Beauty Buy: Vasanti Tinted Lip Balms

I bought these Vasanti tinted lip balms a while ago -- it was in my last makeup haul before my Project 10 Pan -- but I don't think I did them justice in my video. As you saw in that video, I went a little overboard on Vasanti lippies (and at $15 a piece, I might have overdone it for one shopping trip). I'm just such a huge fan of them now!

Vasanti is a Canadian-based cosmetic company and their lip products are great! I already did a blog post on their ultra luxe lipsticks and their tinted lip balms are just as impressive! They're not only moisturizing on the lips but they also provide you with great color. Unlike other tinted lip balms where you have to sacrifice the color for the conditioning factor, Vasanti's tinted lip balms don't make you compromise!

This lip balm is infused with shea butters, vitamin E, mango seed butter, and it's paraben free! There's a light fruity scent to each lip balm that I also love. The great thing about these lip balms is the color pigmentation. You get a lot of color, almost as much coverage as a lipstick.

The four colors I purchased (from left to right) are: Bahamas (a plumy brown),  St. Lucia (a neutral beige), Tahiti (a pale pink/coral), and Columbia (a medium brown). They are all great colors! Perfect for those days where I'm feeling minimalistic but still want that hint of color.

(Artificial light, no flash)
Left to right:  Bahamas, St. Lucia, Tahiti, Columbia

(Artificial light, with flash)

(Natural light, with flash)
Left to right:  Bahamas, St. Lucia, Tahiti, Columbia

(Artificial light, no flash)

What are your thoughts on tinted lip balms? Do you have a favorite?

On another note...

I am feeling quite under the weather. Apparently I have fluid in my ears, which should explain why I've been hearing a ringing in my ears every now and then. I've been biding my time watching missed episodes of Once Upon a Time and the Good Wife.

They're both really great shows. Matt Czuchry is a cutie. I miss Gilmore Girls.


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  1. Okay, first!
    Matt IS a cutie. I was sad when Rory didn't end up with Logan...but I get it in some little way.

    Secondly, thanks for your swatches~ Was looking in to the colours, and there aren't that many swatches for them out there~