Sonic Foundation Brush

With a cult favourite cleansing brush under their belt, of course Clarisonic would try to tap the makeup brush market with the release of their new Sonic Foundation Brush.

The Sonic Foundation Brush is made with synthetic bristles for blending out liquid and cream makeup. It uses the patented oscillation that Clarisonic is known for to give your makeup a smooth and flawless finish.

I've tried this a few times (you can watch one of those times in the video below) and I have some thoughts.

Here's what I like about it:

  • it's easy to use — you just pop it onto your Clarisonic device and off you blend.
  • it works in cream products beautifully — it's perfect for all your stick foundations and cream contours / highlights / blushes because it blends those products beautifully and effortlessly.
  • it gives your makeup a flawless finish — it blends everything together seamlessly.

Here's what I don't like:
  • it blends a little too much — I find that it's not great for layering products because everything kind of meshes together at times and I can't tell my base from my contour or my blush. This is really a pro and con, because on one hand, you get totally flawless makeup but on another, your makeup may look a little flat.
  • not my favourite for liquid products — I find that blending out liquid products tend to leave streaks.
  • it's not that much quicker than a brush / makeup sponge because you have to go over your face twice (i.e., two 60 second sessions) with this brush in order to blend everything out.
  • it's not great for small amounts of product because it tends to tug on the skin (of course, the likelihood you'll bust this out for  a spot of concealer is slim, but still...).
  • the brush takes forever to dry and if you plan on using this every day then you might have to pick up a back-up.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is still a nice makeup brush. If you have the patience or if you want a brush specifically for blending out cream products, then this is for you! If you've been neglecting your Clarisonic and are looking for a new use, give this a try!

The brush will work on any Clarisonic cleansing device (i.e., Mia 1, Mia 2, Fit, Smart Profile... even the discontinued Mia 3 / Aria) and it will set you back $39 CAD at Sephora. However, if you don't already own a Clarisonic device, then it's going to be extra costly.

Have you tried the Sonic Foundation Brush? I will likely end up returning mine, but I wouldn't say no to picking it up during a Sephora sale.

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