Lancôme Juicy Shakers

I think we've already established that I am a sucker for cute packaging and hype, so of course I had to pick up a couple of the Lancome Juicy Shakers

These came out around this time last year and I stalked my local Shoppers Drugmart for them to come in stock. I've had them for over a year now and (spoiler alert) I really like them. I like them enough to bore you with a belated post about how much I like them.

The concept is simple: it is a bi-phase product with one part rich, hydrating oil and one part saturated pigment. The results? A wonderfully soft and moisturizing lip product that offers a sheer wash of colour. 

In general they are not uber pigmented but some of the brighter shades are more vibrant on the lips. The main appeal for me is that it is easy to apply and great for everyday wear because it is so darn comfortable on the lips.

Lasting power? I hope it doesn't surprise anyone that this product requires reapplication every couple of hours. Not because in that time your lips will begin to feel parched or dry, but because the colour will likely have worn off despite how often you've been sipping on coffee or munching on snacks. Sorry but this does not have the last power of a liquid matte lipstick (or even a satin cream lipstick).

I suppose that is the only downside. Some of the shades do leave a bit of a tint on your lips, but if you want an all day lustre to your lips, you'll have to reapply every few hours.

At $28 a pop, they're not the most inexpensive lip product out there, but if you're looking for a lip product that offers a deep conditioning and a splash of colour, then check them out! They come in a slew of shades. I picked up Mangoes Wild, a and Piece of Cake, a neutral mauve. The latter is my favourite of the bunch. Did I mention that these have the most scrumptious scents? It depends on the shade you choose but some smell like fruity cocktails, while others smells like vanilla cupcakes.

Have you tried a Juicy Shaker yet? What did you think? Stay tuned for my thoughts on the new Matte Shakers (another spoiler... I like them, too.)

P.S. you can check out this video review for more info on how it wears throughout the day: 

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