Wedding Wednesday: The Fragrance

In a few short weeks, I will be getting married. Wedding planning has been a tumultuous experience thus far, but the amount of work and detail that goes into one day has been eye-opening.

So as my big day approaches, I wanted to share a glimpse into the beauty aspect of what I'll be wearing and also share some non-beauty bits&bobs.

Today, we start with the wedding day fragrance. I have always been a lover of perfumes, but the quest for finding the perfect wedding day fragrance was a challenge. I have tried so many fragrances lately, my olfactory system needs a long vacation.

We all know how significant a fragrance can be. Scent is a major memory trigger, which is why it's so important to take the time to find the right fragrance to wear on your wedding day (and all the other days to come).

I scoured all the fragrance counters (Byredo, Jo Malone, Maison Martin Margiela, etc.) and combed through the fragrance walls at Sephora before finally landing on one.

Diptyque Eau Rose.

Eau Rose, released in 2012, is a beautifully soft and romantic fragrance. It is a combination of bergamot, lychee, Centifolia and Damask roses, cedar and musks to achieve a soothing, dreamy scent.

It was by chance that I discovered this fragrance, actually. I was talking to a Diptyque associate a few weeks ago about my favourite candle from the brand: Rosa Mundi. It was a limited edition candle that was re-released in 2014. I was in the middle of griping about how that candle hasn't come back since when associate told me that Eau Rose was almost an exact replica of Rosa Mundi.

With guarded excitement, I spritzed some on my wrist and true enough, Eau Rose encapsulated that sparkling aroma I love about Rosa Mundi into a wearable fragrance. At that moment, I ditched my wedding fragrance front runner (Byredo Flowerhead) for Eau Rose.

If you're curious how Eau Rose compares to the Roses Candle, the two are quite different. Roses is a true rose floral scent, while Eau Rose is a stronger, sweeter scent. The latter is much more wearable (no pun intended) and I am in love with how this fragrance is blended.

It has now turned into my favourite rose scent. It's realistic, not overly rose-y and definitely not cloying. I love how it wears. It's only an eau de toilette, but it lasts a good 4-5 hours on me and even at the end of the day, I can still catch a few lingering notes. 

Have you given any thought to your wedding day fragrance? It's something I never really considered until now. I'd love to hear what you wore on your wedding, or what you are planning to wear. x

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