A White Denim Affair

Spring has sprung (... or is trying to spring) and I am ringing in this joyous occasion with some white denim.

I have a love / hate relationship with white denim. Currently, it's a love, but it also has a dark side. You know the one I'm talking about... finding a pair that isn't completely see-through, always having to do a butt-check in any reflective surface, and being keenly aware of your proximity to anything that could end up decorating your pants. 

Obviously the glories of white denim  -- the way they look so fresh, the way they can be styled up or down, and the way they go with anything -- outweigh all the bad. 

I've recently armed my wardrobe with two styles, and while they look so similar that you'd question if they really are different... they are and I love them.

The first pair is from Gap. I haven't bought jeans from them in years, but they had a 40% off promo recently (on their website & in store) and I went a little cray-cray. This whole shopping spree was sparked after seeing this pair, the Destructed Sexy Boyfriend jeans, hauled on Lisa's (LisaLisaD1) channel.

They fit a little slimmer than other boyfriend jeans I own, but there's still a bit of slouch and they're still so comfortable to wear. I love pairing boyfriend jeans with loose fitting tops for casual feel. 

On another note, I'm excited to start bringing out lighter jackets, like this faux leather pastel piece from Forever21. I've had this jacket for so many years and I'm really impressed that it has held its shape.

I am on the hunt for a new leather piece, though. I used to have a staple black leather jacket but I left it at a restaurant one summer & never saw it again. Five years later, I'm realizing that I should really fill that void in my wardrobe and I think I found the one.  If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug here), you'll know I spotted this one at Aritzia. It's a great fit and the leather is incredibly soft. I want to try on one more at All Saints before I buy, but I'm really leaning towards the Mackage one from Aritzia.

Jacket, Forever21 (old) | Top, Target (Massimo) | Jeans, Gap (here) | Scarf, Hudson's Bay | Boots, Target (Sam & Libby)

The second pair is thanks to Elise (BlushistheNewBlack). We were shopping at Target a few weekends ago (watch our vlog from that weekend here) and we both ended up getting a pair. Actually, Elise saw them first & I just copied ;).

They are distressed skinny jeans but they are a bit stretchier than regular denim which makes them über comfortable to wear. They have some stud detailing on the front & back pockets, but they're hardly noticeable.

They look great tucked into boots, but they will look great with heels or flats, too. There's still a bit of a chill in the air so I haven't quite retired the cashmere sweaters for the season. I can't wait to lose the layers!

Top, Target | Cashmere Sweater, Lord & Taylor (Hudson's Bay) | Jeans, Target | Scarf, Alexander McQueen | Jacket, Vince Camuto (old, from Nordstrom)

Even warmer weather is on the horizon and I can't wait to bring these out again! Do you own a pair of white denim jeans in your closet? x

Ps, I have picked a winner for my Favourites giveaway on Tuesday! Congratulations to Samantha K! I emailed her the other day & she just got back to me with her "wishlist." My first European giveaway winner. Thanks so much to all that took the time to enter the giveaway / read my blog / watch my videos! :) x

Ps, thanks to the Beau for entertaining my vision of a "middle of the street" lookbook shot :)


  1. Ah yes, the "middle of the street" photo, I was a little worried seeing those cars up behind you! I'm such a sucker for worn out denim but never owned a white pair before, looks really fresh though. Now that I'm looking at this again, love your blush jacket!

  2. ooo i dont know. i feel like white jeans can work sometimes but it DEFINITELY doesn't work on guys. i railed on someone i was dating for his awful white jeans lol. then he wore them just to spite me :P

  3. Oh you make all of these outfits look so good! I don't know if I could integrate white jeans into my wardrobe. I'm not great with fashion and get overwhlemed when I have to accessorize.

  4. I totally understand! That's why my closet is filled with white t-shirts... when in doubt, I just throw one of those one lol :) x

  5. AHAHAHA!!! So true! Especially white skinny jeans on guys... saw one of those today and it totally threw me off lol

  6. The cars went by really slowly haha probably because they were curious as to what I was doing in the middle of the road.
    I am so impressed (and really surprised) at how well this jacket has held up! I was expecting it to fall apart, but it hasn't yet— hoping I didn't just jinx it!