Oh my Gold!

I've been remiss with the blog lately, but to ease myself back into a proper routine, I blog bearing my favourite nail accessory of the week.

I've been wearing the Essie Sleek Stick in Oh my Gold! ($10.99) since the beginning of the weekend and I'm in love.

I cannot stress enough the convenience of instant nail art, especially for my clumsy hands. Oh my Gold is a gorgeous metallic and gold hexagonal pattern. Actually, it looks like a blinged out honeycomb. The geometric design is over a transparent base, which means you could layer it over any colour of your choice for an even more unique look. I just went with a bare nail, but it still looks far from plain. It catches the light beautifully.


This is only the third day of wear, but there’s no peeling / lifting in sight. I did have a bit of trouble applying the first strip though. It was entirely my own fault because I forgot I had applied cuticle oil to my nails. A tip: use a cotton swab & nail polish remover to clean your nails first. It will help the strip stick on much better.


I’d definitely recommend these, perhaps for a special occasion, or maybe to spice up your Monday Mani? I want to get another set so I can set it over a base color, I’m thinking a turquoise or a blue… maybe even get some metallic on metallic action going.


Let me know what you’re wearing on your nails today! x



  1. I loooove nail stickers! Like you, I am far too clumsy to do my own nail art justice and generally lean towards stickers. This set is perfect, I hope I come across it eventually!

  2. zomg this is an amazing mani/nail sticker thing!
    oh my nails? nothing as usual lol
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. This design is so pretty :)

  4. Such a pretty nail sticker and I love the Starbucks Travel Mug! I secretly wanted the bear!

  5. This design is so cute! And I love the Starbucks mug - so sad that I missed out on it!


  6. This is so unique and looks so cool! I agree that nail art stickers are an amazingly convenient/fast way to achieve a nail look that otherwise would've been complex and time-consuming if you actually painted it on with polishes and used nail art tools.

  7. oh these are beautiful, love them! I just might go have a look at all the colours they've got :)

  8. NailArtCouture - SamanthaJanuary 23, 2014 at 10:33 PM

    That's so cute!!

  9. I really must not be using nail strips right because I can never get them to look so smooth at the tips! I ALWAYS have creasing at the tips and I think I've tried nail strips like 10 times! These look fabulous on your nails!

  10. Such pretty nail strips, love your Starbucks coffee mug too, so cute :)

  11. These are so pretty! :)

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