Winter Glow | Favourite Highlighters

It is officially winter in a few days and for some of us (me included), it's the beginning of wind chills and snow storms (Toronto has already experienced a taste of it these last few days). Winter days can wreak havoc on our moods and our complexion. Don't let the dreary weather get you down, use a highlighter to quickly brighten up your skin (and your mood).

Here are five of my favourite highlighters at the moment that help bring back that luminosity:

1. Benefit Dandelion

A sheer shimmer of pink. Brightens up the complexion in a swift, no fuss way.

$36.00 | Permanent | Benefit counters

2. TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer

Champagne and not for the faint of heart. It's hardly subtle. While it blends beautifully, it's definitely a showstopper.

$31.00 | Permanent | Rexall

3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Rose Gold

Who isn't falling head over heels over this tone right now? This rosy glow will leave you luminous all throughout the winter season (read full review here).

$46.00 | Limited Edition | Sephora

4. Dior Amber Diamond

A classic highlighter. A mix of golds, bronze and pale champagnes... it's a fool-proof way to get your glow on.

$45.00 | Permanent | Dior counters

5. Lancôme Rose Étincelle

A pale iridescent pink that will leave your skin looking ethereal (read full review here).

$52.00 | Limited Edition | Lancôme counters

Let me know what your favourites are :) x


  1. I got the BECCA Rose Gold a few days ago. I love it, it's gorgeous! x

  2. Ugh highlighters are so pricey! I think just about the only one I have is the mary lou manizer. Id love to try that hourglass ambient lighting palette but it's like double the price of these! Is there one that you would recommend as a must have?

  3. you can't go wrong with amber diamond. or at least, thats what i'm told and i keep imaging how lovely it will look once it becomes mine. (mwhahahahah...*cough* excuse me...)

  4. Ooohooh, I think you'd definitely love it! Price tag is steep but worth it (and it will seriously last foreveerrr) x

  5. SO PRICEY! I justify it by telling myself that it will last for a reaallly long time. And it does because you only use a little of it. For highlighters... I would recommend either the Becca SSP (Opal and moonstone are also gorgeous) or Dior Amber Diamond. If you like the Hourglass ambient lighting powders and want a highlighter, you could try Luminous light! It's so pretty! :) x

  6. It sooo pretty, on and in the pan. I just love to look at it lol :) x