Maybelline Color Elixirs | Review & Swatches

These hybrid lip products have been around for a while now, but I still love trying out the “new" versions that come out. The newest being these Maybelline Color Elixirs.

With 20 fun & wearable shades available, there's a colour for everyone.  This particular hybrid combines pigmented colour, moisturizing balm & glossy shine into one product.

I picked up a few different shades, but today's post is focused on the four office-friendly, everyday colours I have. They are:
  • Caramel Infused (a pinky nude)
  • Rose Redefined (a light pink rose)
  • Nude Illusion (a peachy nude)
  • Captivating Carnation (a pinky coral)

l-r: Caramel Infused, Rose Redefined, Nude Illusion, Captivating Carnation

Packaging & Product Quality

The tube is sleek, compact and fits comfortably in the hand. I like the packaging. The tube is designed to replicate the look of a lipstick (which I love, by the way).

They have a distinct scent. I can't quite pinpoint it, but it's saccharine with a hint of vanilla. It doesn't bother me, but if you're sensitive to fragrances / flavours, beware.

The pigmentation varies between shades. The lighter shades offer nice, albeit sheer colour payoff, as opposed to more vibrant shades that offer highly pigmented colour.

These Color Elixirs have a creamy, balm-like consistency and they offer a lot of shine (of the non-sticky variety).

A few of the shades in the range look really similar swatched & almost identical on, example, Rose Defined & Captivating Carnation.

l-r: Nude Illusion, Caramel Infused, Captivating Carnation, Rose Redefined

Application & Performance

The applicator (described as an angora brush) delivers a precise and even application. The pointy doe foot design is really easy to use. I actually really like the feel of it, too. It's applies so smoothly.

Like I said, the formulation doesn't feel sticky on the lips, but there is a bit of tackiness. You can feel it when you remove the lip product -- it leaves a tiny bit of tacky residue after tissuing it off.  Also, I usually only apply one coat because when multilayered, things can get a bit goopy.

They are fairly moisturizing on the lips, although, they're not incredibly hydrating. It's not a product that I would apply to relieve dry, chapped lips. If anything, it will actually accentuate those dry cracks.

Now, while they are comfortable to wear, they have poor lasting power. I only get about two hours before reapplication is required. Unlike similar products, like the YSL Glossy Stain, they're not long-wearing & they don't leave a noticeable stain on the lips. Maybelline doesn't make those claims, though, so don't be surprised.

Clockwise, top-left: Nude Illusion, Caramel Infused, Rose Defined, Captivating Carnation

Bottom Line

If you like a glossy lip and if you aren't sensitive to scents, these Maybelline Color Elixirs are definitely worth a swatch. I will do another post showcasing some of the more vibrant colours, so stay tuned! :)

Have you tried any of the Color Elixirs yet? Thoughts? x


Pricing & Availability

$10.99 | 5.0ml Available at Mass Retailers (priced at $8.97 @ Walmart)


  1. These look like really easy-to-wear glosses. None of the colours really jump out at me but, then again, I haven't tested them out in person yet!

  2. first of all you look goooorgeous <3 and I really wanted to buy Rose defined at Walmart yesterday but they were all opened and they didn't have any new ones :(
    will be going back for it!

  3. They look like just smaller lip glosses to me. Think that I'll pass unless I'm hankering for a certain shade. Super helpful post and fab swatches!

  4. There are a lot of brighter shades that I love, like I said, worth a swatch :) x

  5. Aw thanks babe! I really like Rose Redefined -- I also love that they have that safety seal on the packaging -- definitely don't want one that other people have been testing & swatching -- yuck! x

  6. I have the shade Signature Scarlet and I love it! Great review :)


  7. ha. i remember commenting on our instragrams about this. i /still/ haven't opened mine 'cause i'm on the fence about the formula and rexall is a pain about returning things that are opened. i bought signature scarlet 'cause i thought it would be a nice orange-based red.