Up & Up | Nail Polish Remover

I was trolling the aisles at Target and spotted this jar of Up & Up 100% acetone polish remover. I had to pick it up, who doesn't love the convenience of jar nail polish removers? I know I always have.This one is a little different than most, though.

What do I love about this? Well, it's incredibly easy to use. It's a jar of acetone with built-in bristles (yes -- bristles... I'll come back to that in a second) that easily remove nail polish (gel, glitter, regular and otherwise).

Typically this type of remover has a sponge inside the jar to scuff off the polish, but the Up & Up version actually has rubberized bristles instead. This has got to be the best part because a) it won't degrade as easily as a sponge (especially when removing gritty glitter polishes), and b) I find that it removes polishes a bit easier.

So, it's as easy as dipping your finger in the acetone and squiggling it around until your nails are clean. It's especially useful for glitter polish removal. You don't have to worry about finding cotton balls, cutting up tinfoil, or any clean up afterwards.

Now, I've always been a bit scared of 100% acetone, but it's not as harmful to the nails as I thought. It can be extremely drying to the skin though, so I often have a cuticle oil / hand lotion nearby for immediate application.

The jar comes air-tight sealed, so when you go to remove the seal, keep it far away from your face! Not only are the fumes noxious, but there's a chance that a bit of acetone could splash up when you puncture the seal. I know it goes without saying, but I'd suggest using this product in a well-ventilated area. Oh, and be sure to keep the lid on tight when not in use. I've found that a bit of acetone can sneak out through a loosely tightened cap.

You know, the jar is easily refillable, too! Since the rubber bristles don't degrade as quickly, once you've used up the acetone, you can refill it for continued use :).

Definitely something I'll be keeping stocked in the beauty closet.

Have you ever used these acetone jars before? I hear Bourjois makes a clever one, too. It's supposed to have nourishing ingredients for the nail & a pleasant fragrance. That's probably my only con with the Up & Up version -- the acetone scent is palpable.

Pricing & Availability:

$2.29 | 266 mL | Exclusively at Target


  1. Super cute! But omg 100% acetone? Scares me too!

  2. I was just thinking about getting a new one. I've used the Sally Hansen one but I can't find it at Walmart anymore

  3. Ps, what's that turquoise polish in the background? Looks pretty!

  4. omg getting glitter naill polish off its horrible! i would totally buy this just for the ability to get glitter off my nails more easily.

    ha. 100% acetone. i remember thinking about how i could sneak some from the lab home (never did). we'd have gigantic water cooler sized tubs of those things to clean glassware (amount other things). they would have hardly missed any.

  5. Cindy's Love of BooksOctober 4, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    I tried the Bourjois one and love it. Its amazing with getting the nail polish off. When I went back to grab another one they told me it was a limited item which is sad because its so good. I am curious about this and will have to pick it uup to try.

  6. Oh! This is such a great price!

    I used to use the Sally Hansen one with the sponge, but like you mentioned it does eventually break down. Seeing as this is only $3, I need to try and find it~ Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow, this looks awesome! I love the idea behind the bristles :)


  8. The bristles are genuis! I keep bottles of acetone on hand at all times for clean up and of course glitter, but yes, it is VERY drying to your hands! I always give myself a shea hand scrub after so that my cuticles and hands are back to normal!

  9. It's from L'Oreal called "Not a Cloud in Sight"

  10. I know! But I forgot how well 100% acetones works! Nail polish is off in miliseconds haha and surprisingly my nails seem healthier?? May be wishful thinking lol x

  11. I know! Sometimes I hate applying glitter polish because I hate the removal process haha.. This totally cuts that time down. So quick & easy :) x

  12. I definitely want to try the Bourjois one, I actually saw it on Asos when I was browsing the other day :) x

  13. Sally Hansen will catch on eventually haha don't know why they haven't thought of that sooner x