Dare to Layer | L'Oréal Magic Top Coats


Top coats are changing. They're not just clear coats to protect your polish and add shine, they're now mattifying, bedazzling, and holographic. 

L'Oréal recently launched their own collection of Magic Top Coats. There are six different effects: the matte velvet, the shift me, the true diamond, the true gold, the sparklicious, and the holographic.

I have all except the holo. While I love that holographic look, I already have two similar polishes (Essie Shine of the Times & Avon Opal top coat, so I passed on it. The other top coats intrigued me, though.

The Matte Velvet

Matte nails is one of the biggest nail trends for fall. This top coat will turn any polish into a smooth velvety finish for an understated elegant look. It offers a posh flat finish. This will definitely on par with my other matte favourite, Essie Matte About You.

The Shift Me

This polish adds a sheer iridescence to your nail colour. It has a pink hue in the bottle, but when applied it turns to a luminous blue tint. It is a very shifty effect.

The True Diamond

A clear base infused with silver micro glitter to add a frosted effect to any nail colour. This top coat definitely allows your polish to shine bright like a diamond.

The True Gold

A clear polish packed with tons of gold particles. Like all the other top coats, it is easy to apply. You can apply one coat for a smooth and even distribution of glitter that still allows your base colour to peek through. 

The Sparklicious

A confetti of black and silver bars and hexagons. The chunky glitter gives you a different look every time. Best applied in thin layers and you may have to apply two coats to get your desired sparkle.

There are infinite possibilities with these top coats. Layer them over a multitude of colours, or even layer them over each other. Here's a look at how each top coat looks over three different base coats.

#1 - Over Essie Licorice

Thumb to Pinkie: Matte Velvet, Shift Me, True Diamond, True Gold, Sparklicious

#2 - Over Essie Sand Tropez

Thumb to Pinkie: Matte Velvet, Shift Me, True Diamond, True Gold, Sparklicious

#3 - Over Avon Royal Vendetta

Thumb to Pinkie: Matte Velvet, Shift Me, True Diamond, True Gold, Sparklicious

L-R: Matte Velvet, Shift Me, True Diamond, True Gold, Sparklicious

Pricing & Availability:

$6.99 each | 11.7 ml | Mass retailers

Have you tried any of these new top coats? x


  1. Wow, Shift Me is really cool! :)


  2. They look so pretty - love the photographs! I think my favourites are True Diamond and True Gold. These kind of toppers are so much fun because of the way they look different depending on the base coat.

  3. hmm this matte one looks pretty good. i bought the essie matte topcoat but it goes on sort of streaky so you have half matte nails sometimes...

  4. I love these top coats. I've tried the gold and matte and love them. I never even thought Shift Me would make things blue, so thanks so much for showing it over so many different options. Great post

  5. Shift Me kind of blew my mind lol. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but I didn't expect it to tint everything blue. It's so pretty in sunlight though :) x

  6. I haven't had any problems with the Essie one. I bought it so long ago though (I'm talking years) and I still haven't used it up. I often forget about it haha but I do love a matte look though :) x

  7. I love those two, especially True Gold. It's the only gold glitter I own and it goes with so many polishes haha :) x

  8. It's so different from what I thought it was going to be! So glad I tried it out because I wasn't so sure about it in the bottle :) x