Beauty Panel | Halloween Edition

This week's Beauty Panel challenge was all about Halloween. I wasn't entirely sure what look I was going to create, but then I spotted some amazing lashes from Paperself. Inspired struck & it called for a recreation of a look from our favourite Capitolite, Effie Trinket. Plus, with the upcoming release of the second instalment of the Hunger Games, it was a match.

The whole look took no longer than 20 minutes using a lot of products I already had in my collection. It didn't take a lot of pre-planning. The lashes are one-time use, so I basically winged the entire look. I also created a video demonstrating the application. One take, lots of editing. It was certainly an interesting endeavour.

To create the base, I used a foundation much lighter than my skin tone (Revlon Colorstay foundation in "Buff"). I applied two, albeit cakey, coats -- but no worries, costume makeup is much more forgiving. I would've liked to use white face paint, but I haven't had great experiences with those in the past (redness & blotchiness galore). Foundation seemed the like safer bet.

The biggest problem I had with this look was my dark / thick brows. I originally tried to mask them by using the old 'washable gluestick' trick, but after applying it I realized that would erase my brows when I only wanted to lighten them. So, I had to scratch that idea. My face was already done, so I used makeup removing wipes to clean up my brows & covered them with a healthy dose of foundation instead. It was certainly an ordeal -- this is where pre-planning would've come in into play.

For the eyes, I haphazardly slapped on some pink eyeshadow (Annabelle Pink-a-Boo), lined the upper lash line with a black pencil (Annabelle Smoothliner in "black") and the lower lash line with a white pencil (Lise Watier Waterproof pencil in "blanc"), then placed dots below my lower lash line with a black liquid liner (Lancôme Art Liner).

The cheeks were a blend of browns and peaches. I combined a blush/bronzer from Covergirl in Spices and a MAC blush in Peaches to the apples of the cheek. 

Before creating the pink pout, I covered my lips with a concealer (Shiseido Natural concealer). I started with a lip liner (Annabelle Lip Liner in "Fuchsia") to outline the shape, then I applied a layer of lipstick (MAC in "Lustering") and gloss (Revlon Super Lustrous in "Pink Pop").

The wig was an inexpensive find at the dollar store. It was originally blonde & straight, but since it's so synthetic (i.e., plastic), it was really easy to bend the strands into a wacky curl. I also doused it in some temporary hair colour spray.

Overall, the look came out pretty well. This is the first time in ages that I used a full face of makeup for a costume. I've always just let the clothes have the spotlight. 

When I was little, I dressed up as Batman. Haha! I wore a cape with an attached bat-mask. It impaired my vision a little, but I still loved it. 

More recently I've gone as Gogo Yubari (from Kill Bill) using my old high school uniform and a DIY Morning Star, Audrey Hepburn using a LBD, and a fairy using a taffeta gown from my closet & dollar store wings.

What are some of your memorable costumes?

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  1. You have some crazy awesome skills here! I had to do a double-take on that first pic cuz it didn't even look like you! Great job!

  2. Wow, this is incredible! Amazing job! :)


  3. Wow!!! This looks fabulous!!!!

  4. That's amazing!! I love makeup costumes :)

  5. ! ithink you did this look very well. i can totally imagine her wearing this pink look

  6. ohmygosh! this is amazing, I couldn't even tell it was you for a minute there. wow. love it :)

  7. I saw paper lashes like these at Rexall, and thought of you xD
    Great look~

  8. Thanks, love! My first time doing full-on makeup for a halloween costume :) x

  9. Hehe! I wish I could rock them on the daily -- they look so cool lol :) x

  10. They're so pretty, right? :D x