French Glitter

Essie Fiji is one of my favourite polishes to pair with glitter. It’s one of the prettiest pale pink shades I own. A little finicky to work with sometimes, but today didn’t seem to be one of them. I did two coats for an even finish.

I added some glitter, Essie Set in Stones, on the tips for that French glitter manicure look. I adore this glitter polish. It looks beautiful on. It’s a mix of chunky and fine silver sparkles that is easy to apply, lasts forever, but is so difficult to get off. Highly recommend the tinfoil method for this one.

This is the second glitter combination I created with Fiji. Check out a colourful alternative here :).

Pricing & Availability:

$10.99, available at Shoppers Drugmart


  1. Seriously so gorgeous. Classy, girly, but fun!

  2. This combination is definitely one of my favourites now! x