Avon Makeup Goodies

I received a mysterious box filled with new Avon goodies a few weeks ago and I thought I'd share them with you. It has been a while since I've bought anything from the brand -- Avon is (was?) home to one of my favourite tinted moisturizers, though. It was the moisture tint... I think they may have discontinued it (sadface!!!) because I haven't spotted it in their booklets or on their website.

Nonetheless, they've been coming out with some wonderful products. These are just a handful of them.

Big Color Eye Pencil Diamonds

These are a shadow & liner in one. They are creamy and they glide on so easily. They're fairly smudge-proof once they set, too. Six shades are available. The two I received are Gold Rush (a warm gold) and Cocoa Gleam (a bronze brown), while the other shades are Blue Starlight, Glistening Emerald, and Amethyst Dazzle.

Price & Availability: $9.99, Avon.ca

l-r: Big Color Eye Pencil Diamond in Gold Rush and Cocoa Gleam

Extra Lasting Makeup | Eye Liner

New liquid liners with flexible felt tips. They're also waterproof and are supposed to last up to 8 hours. The applicator is easy to work with... the tip is fine enough to create a thin line, but also thick enough for a bolder application. There are at least three shades: black, dark brown, and deep violet.

Pricing & Availability:  $12.00, Avon.ca

top-bottom: Extra Lasting Eye Liner in black, deep violet, dark brown

Extra Lasting Makeup | Lipstick

A long wearing lipstick infused with vitamin E and wheat protein. They're very creamy and quite moisturizing. I have two shades: fiery red (a creamy slightly orangey red) and pink peach (a satin pinky coral). The pigmentation varies, but overall, they have good colour payoff. They also have a slight fragrance that I can't quite pinpoint.

Pricing & Availability: $12.00, Avon.ca

l-r: Extra Lasting Lipstick in Fiery Red and Pink Peach

Extra Lasting Makeup | Liquid Foundation

A long wearing foundation that is supposed to last for up to 18 hours. It has a satin finish and a sheer-to-medium coverage. It also contains a broad spectrum sunscreen of an SPF 12. It comes n a weighty glass bottle and a convenient pump.

Pricing & Availability: $15, Avon.ca

Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation

More in depth reviews coming soon, along with a peek into some of their new skincare lines!

Have you ever perused through Avon's booklets? Bought anything recently? x

* This post contains PR samples


  1. i always forget about avon! i think it's because they're not at the drugstore. those lipsticks look so creamy though! (:

  2. I'm not very familiar with AVON products but the finish of those lipsticks looks supreme!

  3. I like the packaging of the foundation xx

  4. I used to like some Avon products but I don't use them since they pulled out of Ireland :(

  5. ME, too! I don't get their catalogue either, so the brand of Avon is like a mystery to me. Loving the lipsticks, atm. So comfortable to wear! x

  6. I was really surprised at how smooth / creamy / pigmented they were when I swatched them! Pleasantly surprised :) x

  7. I love glass bottles -- I'm a total klutz so I have to be uber careful.. but they just look so much better :) x

  8. Aww boo! That's how I felt when MaxFactor left Canada!! :(:(