Weekend Edit | Taking Over the World

... with my minions.

I recently made it my mission to collect all the Despicable Me minions hidden inside McDonald's Happy Meals right now. I am absolutely infatuated with these little guys. I think they're so adorable.

I have seven out of the eight toys available in Canada. There are actually a lot of different toys. Check them all out here -- some are exclusively available in certain countries, though.

From l-r: Dave (the banana babbler), Phil (with the jelly whistle), Purple minion, Jerry (with the chartreuse whistle), Tim (the giggler), and Stuart (with the fart blaster).

I'm only missing one of the purple minions. I have Tom, he was the very first one I acquired, but he's just not picture here.

The happy meals also came with a coupon for a free kiddie cone, which I, of course, shamelessly cashed in on. They're so tiny but still delicious!

Jerry and the kiddie cone

All the toys on display

Who has seen Despicable Me 2? I watched it during the opening weekend -- such a funny cute movie! x


  1. They are so cute !

  2. !!! You collected them too! :D I managed to get my last minion last week! good luck on finding the last purple minion~

  3. ahhh so lucky! So far I've only got four! The missions I've been on just to get them though lol. They are sooo cute!

  4. They're so cute!! :)

  5. I know! Haha I'm a child -- I play with them too often x

  6. I know, right?! I've been to soo many McDonalds to hunt these down haha! Good luck! x

  7. That's awesome! I don't know if I'll be able to complete my collection -- I've been to two restaurants & they didn't have the one I needed.. But I'm happy with what I have :) x

  8. They are! Have you seen the movie? So funny! :) x