Rimmel Apocalips | Aurora & Stellar

In continuation with yesterday's post on the Rimmel Apocalips, here's a closer look at two of the shades I picked up. 

If you haven't seen that post yet, you can read it in full here, but here's the gist:
  • The Apocalips are what I would classify as a "liquid lipstick," they are neither a stain nor a gloss;
  • Most of the colours are incredibly pigmented and leave a glossy-to-satin finish on the lips;
  • The pointed doe foot applicator is fairly easy to maneuver for accurate application; and
  • It has a slight fragrance that fades with wear.

A rosy coral, though it looks much rosier on my lips. I only needed one coat to cover my lips. The application was smooth, although with the intense pigmentation, I had to take my time to be precise. Aurora wore for three hours before the colour significantly faded and I didn't find it to be drying. I experienced no feathering with the colour, but it did transfer on glassware. I love the rich colour and I find it quite wearable.

A vivid coral. The pigmentation is so bright and intense. It seems even brighter in person. One coat was needed for an even, opaque finish. I did find that the applicator picked up a little too much product. The colour is quite vibrant, so, I prefer working with a little bit at a time to prevent a mess. Stellar wore for almost four hours before I noticed significant fading. It dried down to a duller satin finish and I did notice that my lips felt a little dry. No feathering occurred, but again, it did transfer on glassware.

l-r: Aurora, Stellar

Check back tomorrow for a closer look at the other two shades I picked up (Nova & Celestial). In the meantime, what do you think of Stellar & Aurora? x

Pricing & Availability:
$9.99, available at Shoppers Drugmart, Rexall, Walmart, and Great Canadian Superstores.


  1. I love both on you! Ack I saw these in Walgreens a while ago and they didn't seem too interesting color wise to me but you are making me curious.

  2. jannatul rahamoniJuly 25, 2013 at 2:09 AM

    love the hair

  3. These looks amazing on you!! Cannot wait to get my hands on them!!


  4. Cindy's Love of BooksJuly 25, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    The colors look great on you. Curious to see your thoughts on Nova and Celestial since those are the two I have but yet to use

  5. They dry matte so they can be a little drying -- but meh! I'm getting really into them haha x

  6. Thank you! I think they're definitely worth a look / swatch.
    Ps, had to follow your blog! You had me at the first foodie shot nomnom :) x

  7. Thanks! I think Celestial is my favourite out of the four I have -- it's so wearable & perfect for everyday :) x

  8. I just picked up Stellar at Superstore and am so happy with it!! I think I will be returning to get some more :)