DIY | Faux Floral Crown

I have been obsessed with floral headbands and crowns. Summer always calls for an outrageously garish headpiece, right? Right. 

I remember the very first one I ever wore. It was for a wedding and it was beautiful... but alas, it wilted away. So, as a little rainy afternoon craft, I decided I'd relive the glory days with a DIY faux floral crown with an infinite shelf life.

It was really easy to make. It took me less than 45 minutes to do, and a majority of that time was spent deciding the colour scheme & flower arrangement.

1) Wire. I picked up a 'natural cover' one from a craft store.
2) Floral tape. This is very strange, it first feel sticky like regular tape, but it holds quite well. 
3) Faux flowers (or real flowers) of your choice (I picked up bouquets of roses Michael's -- they were at a steep summer clearance discount).
4) Not pictured, but also important: Wire cutters.

I started by cutting the flower stems. I wasn't sure how much of the stem I would need yet, so I made sure to cut them as long as possible.

You'll need to measure out the circumference of your crown. There's isn't a science, just test it out & cut the length you feel comfortable with. I wrapped the wire around twice for a sturdier base and then I used some floral tape to secure the ends.

You'll want to arrange your flowers loosely around the crown until you're happy with the placement before any cutting / taping happens.

When you're happy with the placement, you can start attaching the flowers. I weaved the stem through the wire, wrapped it around the crown, and then secured the end with tape. I eventually began cutting the stem shorter to prevent the crown from bulking up too much.

This is the final look. I alternated white / red roses halfway around the crown. I'm planning to make another crown with smaller, more dainty blooms.. But this first pancake turned out well. I will always love the whimsical look of flower crowns.

Would you wear a floral crown? Perhaps something a little smaller and understated? x


  1. I love this. This is such a hot trend right now so thanks for giving us a tutorial! It looks lovely on you, and I think I will try making one like this and a one with smaller flowers as well!

  2. This is soooo pretty! xx

  3. Lovely! What a cool DIY! Flower crowns suit you ;-)