Revamped Revlon Super Lustrous Glosses

I was at the drugstore the other day and spotted a new Revlon display. I thought it was a brand new collection at first -- I'm always drawn in by pretty displays -- turns out it was their revamped Super Lustrous lip gloss line.

I had tried these out a couple years ago, but I was really unimpressed with them. The original formula just didn’t sit well on my lips & I never purchased them again. I heard the new Super Lustrous glosses not only got a packaging makeover (they’re now in cylindrical tubes) but they were also reformulated, so, I decided to try them out again. I'm glad I did because I quite like them! I initially only picked up one to try and I ended up going back for a couple more. I really like the new formulation.

The colours I chose were: Snow Pink (a shimmery pale pink), Pango Peach (a shimmery bright peach), and Pink Pop (a bright fuchsia pink). They were $6.97 at Walmart & around the $11 mark at Shoppers Drugmart.

What's new about them?

Well, like I said, the packaging is different and the formulation has changed a little. I love the new tubes, but you get much less product than in the previous packaging.

These glosses also come with SPF 15, which I think is great.

The colour selection is probably the biggest change. There are twelve shades in total. The only colour that was brought over from the original line is Pink Pop. All of the other colours are new. Now, I'm not too familiar with the colour selection in the original line, so there's a chance a few of the shades were slightly tweaked & renamed. There are definitely some brand new shades, though.

If you're a lover of the original formula, you may not like the new version as much. There's definitely (at least to me) a noticeable difference in how they apply & the consistency of the gloss. I'm not sure what's happening with the original glosses... I think they'll probably phase them out in place of the new ones. If that's the case, stock up on your favourite colours now before they're all gone!

In general, I like how these new glosses apply. They're comfortable on the lips and they're not too sticky or too slippery. The pigmentation is OK. Some are more pigmented than others. Most offer a sheer wash of colour on the lips. They're very glossy and offer a lot of shine. Also, the doe foot applicator makes for easy application.

Snow Pink

Pango Peach

Pink Pop

Swatches (l-r): Snow Pink, Pango Peach, Pink Pop

Applied (l-r): Snow Pink, Pango Peach, and Pink Pop
On face: Neutrogena moisturizer and MUFE HD Powder

My favourite is Pink Pop. I love that it doesn't have any shimmer to it and how glossy it looks. It's now one of my favourite shimmer-free lip glosses. Snow Pink is the lightest of the three & it doesn't really suit my skin tone when worn alone. It's best layered on top of a lipstick to add a pretty shine, otherwise it can wash me out.

Have you tried the new Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses yet? x


  1. The SL glosses were some of the first I've ever used and I do repurchase them once in a while. I'm interested in seeing the new formulations but I'm sad that they're not keep the original shades. There were some really pretty ones!

  2. I'm happy to hear they've reformulated these glosses. I'm a fan of the Colorburst line of glosses; however, the few shades of old Super Lustrous Glosses that I tried were always a little thick and heavy for my tastes. I really loved the shades Pink Pop and Coral Reef, but found them hard to wear because they were so thick and gloppy. I'm definitely going to have to check these out! Thanks for the info and review. :)

  3. I really liked this line! I do like the new packaging though :)


  4. AWESOME colors! I love the nude and coral lip glosses!!! I need to try these out!

  5. Pink Pop is so gorgeous! I'm heading to Target later tonight so I'm going to have to check it out!