Sonia Kashuk Hair brush (Mason Pearson Dupe?)

I was in Target a couple months ago to peruse the Sonia Kashuk (SK) collection & I spotted this hair brush. Have you tried any of her products? There are definitely some gems within her collection, not just in terms of makeup, but with her beauty tools, too. On top of having some beautiful makeup brushes, she also created some wonderful hair brushes.

I remembered reading about her hair brushes in Allure magazine. It was rated as one of the top beauty buys & was also said to be on par with the coveted Mason Pearson (MP) hair brushes. Immediately my interest was piqued.

The SK hair brushes come in two sizes. I bought the smaller of the two so I could easily throw it into my purse for on-the-go touch ups. I have to say -- it performs remarkably well.

Obviously there are a few differences between the handmade MP hair brushes and the mass produced SK hair brushes (aside from the price tag), but the similarities are uncanny. Both padded hair brushes have mixed bristles (boar & nylon) and they perform in a similar fashion, too.

l-r: Sonia Kashuk Small hair brush, Mason Pearson Mixed Bristle "Handy" hair brush

At first, I found the SK hair brush to be a bit stiff, it just didn't feel quite as flexible as the MP. Although, after more uses, I found both brushes to feel almost identical. The bristles run through my hair effortlessly. Detangles without tugging. Adds a subtle shine to my locks. Gently massages the scalp. Plus, despite the differently shaped handles, both hair brushes feel comfortable in the hand.

I’d highly recommend checking out the Sonia Kashuk brushes, especially if you’re not quite ready to dole out over $100 for a hair brush. The SK brushes retail for around $12 for the small version and $15 for the larger version.

Ps, if you still want to pick up a Mason Pearson brush in Canada & you’re not sure where to look, I got mine from :). It comes in a lot of different sizes & bristle combinations. I bought the “handy” with mixed bristles.

Pps, I took the liberty of cleaning my Mason Pearson brush before snapping these pictures. Trust me, it's typically not this pristine. It's not so much the hair that gets trapped in the bristles, but the dust (or is it hair lint?!), the product build up, and whatever else that likes to live in hair brushes. Highly recommend cleaning your brush (even if it's just an inexpensive one) once in a while :) x


  1. Mason pearson brushes are so expensive for a brush! I'm always scared to buy it and then be disappointed. I'm definitely gonna check out this dupe though. Didn't even know about it thank you!!!!

  2. wow, the two brushes look very very similar! thank you for the review... i can't wrap my head around the prices for the mason pearson brushes so i am definitely going to look for the sonia kashuk brush the next time i'm at target! :)

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  4. Can you please provide tips on how you cleaned your brushes?

  5. Absolutely! I was planning on doing a post but here are some quick tips: use warm soapy water & an old toothbrush to get all the dust / hair out but be sure not to submerse your brush in water :) x

  6. Much appreciated! Have a nice day!

  7. Thanks so much for this! I just got mine at the beginning of the month, and I want it to last a long time. :)

  8. I am planing to buy the Mason Pearson Brush, but I really need to know if its worth it. I have fragile, thin n fine hair... I am considering all boar bristle. Your reply will help me making decision.