Show & Tell

It's Friday! And the last day of May... how did that happen?

I was going to do a fotd post, but allergies have been kicking my butt. May seems to be the worst month for me in terms of allergies. I'm glad to see June on the horizon (and not only because it's my birthday month)!

So, I thought I'd share some little obsessions of mine (surprisingly not really makeup related).

Let's start with some heart shaped accessories. I've been loving these sunglasses I found at Winners. I stumbled upon them in the children's section. I was actually creeping the Hello Kitty aisle when I spotted these sunnies. They were a cool $3.99. I'm not going to lie... these were wholeheartedly enabled by Taylor Swift's new music video, 22

The heart earrings are from Forever21. I got them a couple months ago, so their availability is probably slim. They're a little heavy on, but I love them. They remind me of a slightly bigger vintage pair I lost at the beach a few years ago.

Above the knuckle rings! I got my first few from Etsy a few months ago and while strange at first,  I've been loving the look. I picked these up at Aldo & they were $8 each. There was a limited selection, but these two caught my eye. The fit is nice. They only come in two general sizes s/m and m/l, but it should work for most.

I love perfumes (even more so when they come in minis). I've been loving both of these Giorgio Armani fragrances. I know, one is actually a cologne for men... but I adore the scent. I can't get enough of it. I'm sure you've smelled it at least once in your life. It's probably the most common & distinct cologne that men wear (and now, that I wear).

What's your favourite fragrance at the moment? x


  1. aw i've been wanting to try those rings but i wasn't sure where to get them! and those sunglasses look so cute! you should take a pic wearing them (:

  2. I love those glasses, too cute! :)

  3. The sunglasses and earrings are too cute! Love those little perfume bottles too.

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