It's Popul-art!

I love it when Essence comes out with new collections. For such an affordable brand (all their products are under $5), they always come out with some interesting products.

I spotted their newest collection Vintage District at SDM a couple of weeks ago and picked up this blush called 01 It's Popul-art. I'm not going to lie -- the beauty of it was what drew me in. I love the embossed flower.

At first, you can't tell that it's duo-toned because of all the gold overspray, but once that fades (and it fades rather quickly after a couple swipes) there's actually a rose shade under it.

The first few applications has a lot of gold shimmer. It adds a distinct glow to the skin, however, if you prefer it matte, just stick it out because once the overspray disappears, the shimmer disappears.

Overspray aside, the blush is actually a matte coral (i.e., a hybrid between peach & pink). Pigmentation is okay. I find the rose shade is a bit more pigmented than the peach. It applies smoothly & blends easily. The best part... it was only $3.49 for 9 grams of product!

Note the packaging

l-r: mostly gold overspray, mix of peach and a little rose, a mix of the rose / peach / a little overspray 

Note the duo-tone

I've tried quite a few things from the brand, and with anything, there are hits and some misses, but as a whole, their products are definitely worth a look at.


  1. I bought this, and while it took me a while to get over the sparkle I do love both colours!

  2. I saw this the other day but didn't end up getting it.. now I'm kicking myself for not haha

  3. This is gorgeous - a must have for being so affordable and generally sized. Would definitely pick it up if I saw this in the shops here :)

  4. I'm loving this blush. So gorgeous and such a great price!

  5. Darn, my local SDM doesn't get the Essence updates that often so I'm always drooling over these LE items that I can never seem to find. But gosh it looks beautiful!

  6. I got the same blush and it is GORGEOUS!