Garnier BB Creams

Friday, May 17, 2013

BB Creams have become quite popular, haven't they? I've dabbled with quite a few of them in the last year or so, Garnier being the first "westernized" version I tried.

The original Garnier BB Cream was released in Canada last year around this time. I did like it, but I didn't really love it. When I heard about the release of a new formula for oily / combination skin, I was definitely eager to try it & see how they compared.

renews, hydrates 24h, brightens, evens skin tone

thicker cream, light-weight, blends easily;
dries down to a dewy finish but feels tacky to the touch;
can be applied with fingers or a brush

the typical "Garnier" scent, dissipates quickly after application

very light to light

light, light/medium, medium/dark
controls shine, minimizes pores, renews, brightens, hydrates, evens skin tone

lighter cream (more fluidity), blends easily, absorbs quickly;
dries to a matte / satin finish, luminous without looking oily;
can be applied with fingers or a brush (preferably a brush)

any fragrance is overpowered by a distinct alcohol scent, dissipates quickly after application

very light to light

light/medium, medium/dark

1/ Original, light / medium
2/ Oily / combination, light / medium
3/ Oily / combination, medium / dark

i. the original formula leaves a slightly more dewy finish on the skin & it tends to break down after a couple hours of wear on my t-zone, whereas the new formula's matte / satin finish wears all day;

ii. when set with a powder, the original formula's dewiness is diminished & longevity increases on my skin;

iii. the new formula's watery consistency can get a little messy, especially with the packaging;

iv. both formulas transfer slightly (which is typical with most face products);

v. experienced zero oxidation with the original formula, whereas the new formula oxidizes slightly;

vi. new formula offers a tad more coverage on me than the original formula. Both formulas do not completely cover blemishes / dark spots, but they do neutralize slight redness;

vii. both formulas do not settle into fine lines or dry patches;

viii. it is not specified whether this product contains sun protection. I don't think the Canadian versions do;

ix. I wear light / medium in the original formula, and a mix of  1/3 light / medium & 2/3 dark / medium in the new formula.

Applied a pea sized amount of each product to a completely bare face (cleansed skin; no moisturizer, serum, or eye cream)
Note skin imperfections (e.g., dark spot on forehead & café au lait on cheek) and under eyes are not completely covered, but they're slightly minimized.

For my skin type, I prefer the the new formula. It sits much better on my skin & it wears much longer throughout the day. I don't typically wear BB Creams on a daily basis -- only when I feel like I'm having a bad skin day -- but between the two formulas, the new formula is the one I've been reaching for the most lately.

Have you tried either formula? What's your favourite drugstore BB cream? x

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  1. The original broke me out so bad! But I tried the new formula on a whim & it's amazing!! Great review!

  2. I havent tried any bb cream yet lol so behind. Thanks for the review! Ill check this one out (:

  3. great review! I really love this bb. I also really like the one from revlon

  4. This is a really good review, Aleeza. While I like to coverage of the original, I definitely feel like it's a bit "greasy" (for lack of better word). Now you've enticed me to try the new formula! Also what other bb creams have you tried? xx

  5. I got the new formula in medium dark as well but holy it turns my face into 2 shades darker with orange sucks because it has the perfect texture and finish and covers so well...ugh, weird that it doesn't turn orange on you.

  6. Ya! It does oxidize! It only oxidizes about a shade darker for me. That's why I like to mix the light/medium & the medium/dark when I use. It's not something I'd recommend, but I just happened to have both shades x

  7. I have tried quite a few BB Creams! I'm leaning away from them more now, though. i find my skin just prefers tinted moisturizers haha. From the drugstore, the Maybelline one is nice. From the Sephora brands, I really like Dr. Jart & Tarte :) x

  8. they look beautiful on you! I agree, I like the new formula on you! It still has a glow, but it is not oily.


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