L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stains, Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous post on the L'Oreal Caresse Stains. I've been using them quite a bit since that post & I'm still really enjoying them. Be sure to check out that post if you want to see swatches & a more thorough review because this post is just all about how they look on.

I like the formulation, it feels comfortable on the lips. I don't find them drying, though I do always prep my lips with a bit of lip balm before applying any kind of lip product. They offer good pigmentation and a great colour range. Application is easy, though it's best to wait a few seconds before coats, otherwise things will get goopy.

Despite being a "stain," all three shades still transfer (i.e., on Starbucks cups), but they are fairly long-wearing.

Pink Rebellion
I thought this shade would go on much brighter and more vibrant, but it's actually quite subtle. It's a blue based pink and it offers a very light wash of colour on the lips. It's the most everyday shade out of the three I own. You need at least two coats for an even finish.

Coral Tattoo
This leans much more orange than coral on me. I love it though. It's bright and fun, perfect for the new season. While it's pigmented, you'll need two coats to even out the colour.

Infinite Fuchsia 
Holy pigmentation, batman! This is the prettiest deep fuchsia. It covers the lips in one even coat and it also leaves the strongest stain. It's a great colour if you're looking for a vibrant bold lip.

If you own some, what other shades do you recommend? :) x


  1. oh gosh these all look so pretty! I want to go out and buy them all even though I most definitely don't need any more lip products in my life.

  2. I love them all!!! Must haul!

  3. I debated buying these today while I was at Shoppers, and ultimately decided not to! But after seeing them on your lips I think I may have to go back for another look. They look gorgeous!

    xo Raquel
    Sassy + Bubbly

  4. You look incredible in Infinite Fuchsia - I previously dismissed these as I do NOT need any more lip products (story of everyone's life though right) - but you look so beautiful in this, that you may have me swayed.
    I really don't know why but L'Oreal and Maybelline are the only drugstore brands I never give time of day to, but I really should xx

  5. Wow loving these shades! Coral Tattoo and Infinite Fuchsia are gorgeous, and wow at their pigmentation! I find that these Caresse Shine Stains are a little too sticky for my liking though, but definitely love the colours in their range :)

  6. lovely post!!pretty as always.. always.. me and my frd just started a youtube chanel.. we just posted our first video!!!! plz check it out!! thank you!

  7. they all look great on you but I'm especially in like with coral tattoo...must get...now...