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Friday, April 12, 2013

It certainly hasn't felt like Spring this past week, but that's not going to stop this girl from wearing Spring-esque makeup.

This week's look is perhaps a little too much like last week's FOTD (btw, I'm making face-of-the-day Fridays a new thing now). What can I say? I am a creature of habit. But, in the same way I justify my makeup purchases, it is not the same, it's similar.

Inspired by another recent MAC purchase, the cheeks are a mix of MAC Peaches (sheertone) & Fleur Power (satin), while on the lips is MAC Crosswires (creamsheen).

Peaches is a true peach, while Fleur Power is a bright pinky coral. MAC blushes wear pretty well on me, I find that they last throughout the day with only a little fading.

Crosswires is a beautiful coral pink lipstick that I've been really loving this week. On my lips, it wears like a brighter, more opaque version of See Sheer. The Creamsheen formula is growing on me. It is easy to wear and comfortable on the lips. It also lasts a bit longer on me than the Lustre formula.

Ps, for those of you who don't know, I am a Beauty Panel contributor for Each week we are given a challenge to complete and this week is all about false eyelashes!

Falsies are a great way to add drama to any makeup look, but I love using them to add more definition to my eyes by making my lashes look a little fuller than they really are. I love using demi lashes (i.e., accent lashes). I find regular lash strips look a little fake on me (though, I suppose they're not called falsies for no reason)... plus, I always end up having to trim them because they're too big for my eyes.

In terms of lash glue, my favourite is the Duo lash adhesive in dark-tone. It's great if you have dark lashes because it blends really well. I find that the "clear" glues never really dry clear on me.

Anyway, be sure to head over to to check out my post & all the other wonderful contributors! x

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  1. I love this look! :)

    Where are your earrings from? They're so pretty!


    1. It's from Forever21! Just got it last week, so it should still be available.. Only $5 :) x

  2. UMmmm, and why have I never heard about Crosswires before now?? It is so bright and beautiful and pinky and springy, I must have it!! All joking aside, though, you put together a really beautiful look. So fresh and pretty! xx

  3. I havent heard of Crosswires either. I have the other two so I guess I need Crosswires too. Love the combo xx

    1. I hadn't given it a second look before, but I swatched it & fell in love haha :) x

  4. I've always wanted Crosswires. Peaches & Fleur Power are my favorites xx

  5. That is such a pretty lipstick! I think I'll be picking that up next time I'm in MAC! Xx

  6. You look absolutely beautiful! So fresh and I must get this MAC lipstick ASAP!

  7. You look wonderful Aleeza! Peach shades look so great against your coloring


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