Café Olé on a Gloomy Day

(hehe, that rhymed)

A couple weeks ago, I picked up this Essence Nude Glam polish from Shoppers Drugmart. I first saw these polishes on Blush Bug and I knew I had to pick some up. For $1.49, how could I say no? [edit: inflation -- it's now $1.99. Still a good deal though.]

Café Olé is a pretty nude-ish taupe shade and it has a very subtle shimmer. The formulation is great. It was a breeze to apply -- smooth & streak-free. The brush is flat and fairly wide, so it covers the nail in a couple strokes, and it took only two coats for an even finish.

I think Essence changed the formula of their polishes because I remember buying a bottle last year & wasn't that impressed with it.

Just to jazz up the neutral colour (though I can't remember where I originally saw this), I added a little dot to the top of the nail using Orly Rage.

Speaking of... Essence has also ventured into the world of nail art. I found some nail stamps, rhinestones, and a dotting tool amongst their products.

I ended up picking up the dotting tool because I've been meaning to get one for some time now. It works great -- just like how you'd expect a dotting tool to work. It's a bit easier to use than my makeshift alternatives. So long bobby pins / tooth picks, I'm stepping up in the world!

Overall, this is a great everyday colour, I've been wearing it a lot lately, and I would recommend checking these polishes out if you haven't already :).

Ps, what the heck is up with the weather in Toronto today? Sheesh.


  1. Wow love the nude and the little dot you did for accent. Cute blog!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

  2. is there a hailstorm in toronto too? hamilton aight looking too good right now

  3. I LOVE Essence polishes. Seriously a well kept secret. I have that dotting tool as well, so little and cute!! I need to pick up this color!

  4. I LOVE this combination. I think I'm going to have to put my dotting tool to some good use! :D

  5. Essence products appear in random SDM here on the westcoast, I'll look for them forever then *bam!* I find it in a SDM in the middle of nowhere! I have a few of their polishes myself and I really like the formula (I have the same "new" gel formula), smooth to apply and neat little brush.

  6. I have that Essie tool as well! I will try out the polishes knowing that the formula seems better now. :) Yep, weather in Toronto has been terrible, here's hoping it clears up soon!

  7. We got a snowstorm in Montreal today! :(
    That's a very cute nail polish colour... I never really stopped and looked at the colours Essence had, but I might just pick this one up! $1.49 you say? I'm sold!

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the combo!

  9. I've seen the Essence stands in Shopper's, but never paid much attention to the brand. This polish is beautiful though, and you really can't beat the price!