Sunday Funday

Do you ever get an idea stuck in your head that you can't shake until you've done something about it? Well, I got that right after watching this YouTube video from Byron Talbott.

I am a dessert fiend. Chocolate, whipped cream, & fruits for good measure? Count me in.

The official list of ingredients include: 1cup Dark Chocolate, 1cup Cream, 3 Tbsp sugar, 1 vanilla bean (seeded), and Rasberries & Blueberries.

I, being the ever impetuous girl chef, created my own makeshift recipe.

Instead of dark chocolate, I used Valentine's themed Hershey kisses. It was a little finicky to work with, but it held up well. As for the whipped cream, I forwent vanilla and only added a smidgen of sugar. I love the natural taste of fresh whipped cream. Then I topped it with some fresh strawberries.

Balloons may seem like a curious cooking tool, but they make the perfect chocolate bowl shape. They're really easy to peel off once they've been deflated and the chocolate has cooled in the fridge.

Whipped cream is very easy to make. All you need is whipping cream (cream that's at least 35%) and a mixer (or a whisk). It takes a few minutes to get that fluffy consistency. Just mix it until you get soft peaks in the cream.

The finished product. It doesn't look perfect, but it's delicious! I will definitely try this recipe again -- with proper chocolate next time. We'll call this the first pancake.

What's the last recipe you tried? x


  1. this looks soo good! definitely need to try this! looks so easy (:

  2. these are so cute! I want to try it out now.

  3. yum this looks delicious!! Looks like you did a pretty good job!

  4. oh my goodness this look amazing - totally skipping dinner tonight an making this x

  5. These look delicious!! I'm scared of popping balloons though...weird phobia of mine...