Spring Nail Polishes

It's officially Spring in a couple days! I feel like Winter went by rather quickly this year. There were definitely some cold days, but it could have been worse. I'm sure if you're living in a subzero province, you'd say differently. 

Nonetheless, it's time to put that behind us for another eight months and welcome in Spring (and soon Summer)! Warm weather, bright colours, and pretty dresses, here we come! 

To start, I thought I'd share with you some polishes I'm most excited to wear this season. 

Now, some of these polishes I tend to wear all year round. I don't really abide by any rules when it comes to nail polish. If I like a colour, I'll wear it, no matter the time of year. But there are some shades, that just compliment the refreshing new season.


I love a good neutral throughout the year. Warm, nude / tan shades are wearable all the time, but I find that whites are best complimented by sunshine.

1/ Butter London, Tea with the Queen: a beautiful "my nails but better" shade. A creamy pinkish tan.
2/ Essie, Fiji: a very pale pink. It's an opaque cream polish & a little finicky to work with, but it's beautiful on.
3/ Julep, Kate: a pearly white. A beautiful white polish without the "white-out" vibe.


Brights are especially fun to wear in the Spring. Though they're also fun to wear in the winter to offset the drab weather.

1/ Zoya, Shelby: a bright Barbie pink.
2/ Essie, Splash of Grenadine: a creamy mix of pink and magenta to compliment that future tan.
3/ Essie, Turquoise & Caicos: a creamy turquoise. Tropical and fun.


1/ Essie, To Buy or Not to Buy: a beautiful lavender with a little shimmer. Pastel with a kick.
2/ Essie, Tart Deco: a creamy coral. It also looks a little orange in some lights.
3/ Julep, Claire: a bright azure blue. It's stunning on and the formula is terrific.

It hasn't completely warmed up in the GTA yet, but it's coming, I can feel it :).

What are your favourite "spring" polishes? x


  1. It certainly doesn't feel like spring here...-18 with windchill when I left the house today! I start in with the bright pinks and corals as soon as I can, because pastels tend to give me lobster hands :(

    I do have my eye on the OPI Euro minis, though. The periwinkle and the sky blue are so gorgeous!

    1. Yikes! -18, that's chilly! Especially if it's windy! It's been hovering around 0, give or a take a degree, here, so I'm sending you warm thoughts! I find some shades of green & yellow give me lobster hands -- terribly unflattering! I was debating getting the Euro minis, I saw swatches & they look fab :) x

  2. I can't wait to wear bright colours on my nails !

  3. Super pretty picks!!! I actually included Fiji, Tart Deco, and Turquoise and Caicos on spring nail polish post today xx

  4. I bought the teal China Glaze ombre set from Sally's and I think they will look great for spring! Love your picks!

  5. Maybe if I start wearing bright spring colours on my nails, spring will come quicker! It was -25 when I got up for work today... With the windchill it was in the -30 range. bah! It's awful. I love all the Essie colours! I have Turquoise and Caicos, but the other ones will definitely be on my shopping list!

    xo Raquel
    Sassy + Bubbly

  6. I love them! I find turquoise & caicos to be the most difficult polish I own though, but i LOVE the color!

  7. I tend towards everything turquoise/aqua or lilac in the spring. Right now I'm loving Fly from OPI's Nicki Minaj collection and Do You Lilac It, also from OPI. I wish I could wear peachy/corals on my hands, I love Tart Deco!

  8. Beautiful swatches!! I need Tea with the Queen!

  9. Lovely post! Such pretty shades - I really love Tart Deco xo

  10. Claire is definitely a Spring favourite for me!