January 2013 Favourites

Monday, February 04, 2013

1) The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit w/ Royal & Langnickel Paint Brush
I've always had fairly thick eyebrows, but lately I've been noticing they're a bit sparse in some areas. I found this brow kit in my collection, and while I'm no brow expert, I have been really enjoying it lately.

On a funny note, I lost the little brush that came with it so I've been using a paint brush to fill in my brows. It works beautifully! The bristles have the perfect amount of flexibility that allows comfortable use and control. 

2) Concealer Combination
Obsessed with this trio. The Armani Corrector (in #2) diffuses the darkness under my eyes, Garnier Anti-Dark Circle roller brightens my under eyes, and Bare Minerals Well Rested brightens while sets my concealer.

5) Revlon PhotoReady Blush | Coral Reef
I adore this coral shade. While I loved these blushes before, they're even better in the Winter. They last much longer on my skin and feel much more natural now that my skin is more normal.

6) Tarte Bronzer | Park Ave Princess
A terrific bronzer. Really warms up the skin and very similar to NARS Laguna. It's a smidge darker than Laguna, but it has the same pretty glow.

3) Clean & Clear | Persa-Gel 5
Benzoyl Peroxide works very well with my skin, so, when I got this honkin' zit on my forehead, I turned to this beauty. My acne spot disappeared in four days with overnight use (in conjunction with my Mario Badescu Drying Cream).

4) Sally Hansen | Insta-Dry
I've always been loyal to the Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat, but this is a strong contender. It drys fairly quick & I feel like it really helps prevent my nails from chipping. It doesn't provide quite the same shine as Seche Vite, but I still love it.

5) Living Proof | Prime Style Extender
A primer for your hair, who would've thunk it? This works really well with my hair, though. It keeps my flyaways at bay to keep my hair looking the same throughout the day and even throughout the next day.

7) Vaseline Lip Therapy
How cute is the packaging? On top of that, these are quite moisturizing on the lips. They feel slightly thicker than regular vaseline, which prevents them from slipping and sliding all over my lips. It comes in two "flavours," original and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is my favourite because it smells wonderful.

8) Burberry Lip Velvet | Pink Amber
Out of the 31 days in January, I probably wore this shade for about 20 of them. It's a beautiful colour, a "my lips but a million times richer, rosier, and better" kind of shade. I also really like the Lip Velvet line  in general -- it's not quite matte, it's comfortable to wear, and it lasts so long. Ps, aren't things better when they come in miniature form?

What were your faves in January? x

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  1. I really need to that Sally Top coat, i have heard nothing but good things about it! I tried the Mega shine a while ago and i really adored that one, the shine was incredible.

    1. I want to try out the Mega Shine! I heard it's wonderful! :) x

  2. great favorites! where did you find those adorable vaseline things? :)

    1. I got mine from Shoppers Drugmart, but I've also seen them at Wal-mart and Loblaws :) x

  3. great favourites! The cocoa butter one is amazing, it smells great! :)

    1. I know! I wonder if they have a cocoa butter in the regular vaseline...

  4. I have that top coat as well and I always tend to reach for it! Cool post!

    1. I love using it! I think the scent is a little strong, but what nail polish isn't? Thanks for reading! :) x

  5. have you tried the revlon colorstay top coat? Obsessed with this one, it keeps my nails chip free the longest while keeping a super glossy finish

    1. I remember when they first came out years and years ago I bought it and absolutely adored it! Especially in combination with their Colorstay polishes -- you'd have a mini last for weeks! I haven't picked it up since it's relaunch, but now that you've reminded me, I will definitely pick it up :) x


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