Chantecaille Just Skin

I just cannot make up my mind about the Chantecaille Just Skin

All I've been hearing are raves about this stuff, so naturally I had to try it. I've been using it since last July and I'm still on the fence.

Here's what I don't like:
- The price! $86 (plus hst) is the most I've spent for a tinted moisturizer.
- Colour selection is lacking, though I'm sure the shades available will work with most skin tones (I'm in Wheat, btw).
- There's minimal coverage (while this isn't an issue for me because that's not what I look for in a face product, it could be a deciding factor for you).

That's it, really. I don't dislike too much about this product, it's a wonder why I can't make up my mind.

On to what I do like:
- The packaging. The spout uses newfangled technology that prevents air from entering the tube when you squeeze out product. It keeps your moisturizer free from bacteria and such. Very sanitary. It will also help the shelf life.
- It has a thick texture, but it's easy to apply. You can use your fingers or a brush, it spreads and blends effortlessly.
- It feels just like skin when you apply it. It doesn't feel heavy. It doesn't look greasy. It feels like just skin.
- Makes skin look naturally refreshed and is indiscernible while worn.
- It doesn't accentuate my oily t-zone throughout the day.

Lately, if I have anything on my face, it's this, and while I think it's a great product (and my skin seems to enjoy it), there are much more affordable tinted moisturizers or BB Creams that will give you similar results for less money. 

I've almost used up my first tube. It lasted much longer than I thought it would. I was expecting two / three months, but it's now pushing six -- granted, that isn't with everyday use. 

I suppose, like with all beauty products, the test is if I will repurchase once I run out.


After a brief stint across the border, my skin has been quite temperamental (i.e., dry, splotchy, and my under eye circles are extra defined). I think my skin is suffering from the effects of "Airplane Air", nonetheless, the before / after demonstrates the simplicity of Just Skin.

Have you tried the Just Skin? Thoughts? x


  1. I want to try this so bad but I'm in Montreal and there's no Chantecaille counter near me.. where did you find it?

    1. There are limited counters in Canada. I got mine from Holt Renfrew on Bloor St in Toronto. That's the only Chantecaille counter in the area :) x

  2. aleeza what shade do you use in just skin?

  3. Looks bloody great on you. Your skin is already so spot free and smooth! I can't deal with that price for a TM for my scarred skin but if I had great skin like you I probably would splurge and treat myself with this every now and then.