Weekend Snapshot

I was doing so well with this blogging everyday in August thing, but the weekend set me back a little. Not to worry because I plan to be back on track after the next post.

I did a little cross-border shopping, which I will share in my next post, and I also watched Drake at the Kee in Muskoka. It was so much fun. There were no assigned seats since it was in such a small venue (read: a bar). The boyfriend and I opted for the balcony. No moshing for me, thanks. 

I wasn't allowed to bring my DSLR inside. At first their rule was that you couldn't bring any cameras with removable lenses -- at which point I had every intention to feign ignorance (i.e., lie) and say my camera was indeed one of those newfangled cameras that just look like DSLRs -- but then they said you couldn't bring any cameras inside. Though I did make a concerted effort to camouflage the camera on my person to no avail. 

At any rate, I was left with my phone. Though it's an iPhone, it took less than optimal photos. It is better than nothing, I suppose. 

I hope you had a great weekend! Please let me know what exciting things you've been up to :).