Casual Friday

Sweater, Zara | Skirt, Jacobs | Shoes, Sperry in Linen & Oat | Bag, Roots

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Here's a quick post of my outfit of the day, featuring my new Sperrys. I love Casual Fridays.

I've received a few questions asking how I wear my Sperrys, so, this is one of the ways. These shoes are quite versatile. They're very comfortable, too, but they did take a few wears to break in.

My bag today was a recent purchase from Roots. It's a beautiful bucket style. I adore the rich caramel colour and the gold hardware. It comes with two straps. Perfect to wear on the shoulder or cross-body.

That's it for now.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here tomorrow! x


  1. Cute outfit! Where do you work? (:

    1. Thank you! And I work as an internal auditor for a gaming corporation :).

  2. Wow... your Sperrys look great! I was just wondering though what kind of Sperrys they are? Like angelfish..etc.. and the color (Linen Oat?)....
    I'm thinking about buying a pair, but I want them to be able to go with everything...