Latest Discovery from Burberry:
Lip Mist in Copper

I have been wanting to try the Burberry Lip Mists for a while now, but I was a little wary. First of all, they do cost a pretty penny at $39 CDN. Secondly, since it's a Lip Mist, it's obviously not as pigmented as Burberry's Lip Covers. I worried it would just be an overpriced lip balm.

While the colour I chose is boring -- a peachy nude -- I've fallen in love.

The formula is wonderful. It's not drying on the lips and I love the glossy finish. I haven't been this excited about a lipstick since the Dior Addict Extremes came out (granted that was only a few months ago). The colour actually reminds me a lot of Dior's Addict Extreme in Silhouette.  

I know in these pictures the colour looks blah on the lips, but in person, it looks much different. It looks very natural and much warmer.

The wear time is a little disappointing. I'm sure the brighter colours last a bit longer, but Copper only lasts about three hours before I need to reapply.

What do you think about these Lip Mists? x

Ps, I'm having a mini blog sale. Check it out here! :)

Burberry Lip Mist - 202 Copper


  1. It looks quite dark in the tube but looks very natural on your lips ! Pretty with your skintone also !

    1. I was a little skeptical of the colour at first, but I really liked it on! Thanks :)

  2. this looks so good on you! i absolutely love copper. it is a must have!

  3. Wasn't this the lipstick featured in US May Glossybox?
    I think so..

    :O wish i had been suscribed back then!
    It's a lovely colour! x

    1. I saw that! I would've loved to have gotten a little tube of it! x

  4. This shade is beautiful on you! I've never tried any of Burberry's products, but they look so luxurious :)

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