Coral Polka Dots

I'm bringing my obsession with polka dots into my clothing choices. This dress is a beautiful summer coral that I found at Forever21. I probably wear it more than appropriate but I love it. I adore the colour and the style. Button down, collared, and A-line. I discovered a long time ago that A-line dresses flatter me the most so it's usually the style I flutter to.

The dress does provide an annoying gap between two buttons at the bust, which when left unattended, provides a sneak peek of your modesty. Fashion tape or a safety pin fixes that.

My immediate thought when I first saw this dress was that it's definitely something I'd find in the closet of a Stepford wife. Nonetheless, I adore it. It's a versatile piece, throw a cardigan over it and you could even wear it to work (well, depending on the dress code).


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