Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss - Hoola

I've been seeing these new Benefit glosses pop up in stores and remembered that I already had one (courtesy of Loose Button).

The colour I received was in Hoola, which also happens to be my favourite matte bronzer. The glosses, in case the packaging and name aren't obvious, are inspired by the box powders.

The gloss itself is nice. The formula feels great on the lips. It's non-sticky and easy to apply. It comes in a tube with a simple slanted plastic applicator. Unlike some glosses, these have good pigmentation. It also has a tropical scent but no taste.

The colour is great, although it's really nothing like the box powder. Hoola the lip gloss is a nude colour with gold shimmer, whereas Hoola the bronzer is a soft, matte bronze shade (no shimmer).

Have you tried these new glosses? They come in as many shades as there are box powders.



  1. i saw these the other day, think i should have a closer look (:

  2. Great pictures!

  3. Could you do a post about tips for keeping makeup nice and fresh looking in the summer heat? I have dry skin around my mouth/cheeks and need to use moisturizer, but I find when I do, it melts easily and makes me look like I’m sweating more! It’s so annoying and makes me so self conscious.

  4. I saw these in Sephora, I definitely need to try one out!

  5. Loving my lipgloss we got...I picked up dandelion as well which is a gorgeous colour. I think the formula is the best part about these lipglosses


  6. I agree with you that it doesn't match the powder but I love the feel and scent of it - it's really luxe (funny that this was at the luxe box event)! It is rivalling my Sally Hansen gloss right now.

  7. Hey catfuneral, just saw your comment --- I've been using Make Up For Ever's Mist & Fix and it works great for setting makeup and keeping it there. Lots of good reviews too.