Dior Addict Extreme - Lucky

Lucky (#536) is a beautiful bright pink. It goes on more muted though. It feels great on the lips, very moisturizing. It's so easy to apply. It goes on smoothly and I find I don't even need a mirror.

The colour is pigmented and easily buildable. The dewy finish is beautiful. One of the reasons I adore these Addict Extreme lipsticks.



  1. Looks really nice on your lips <3

  2. Such a pretty shade and suits u veryy well

  3. Can you do a video about your entire make up collection? How long to keep products, and when to throw them out?

    I'm sure I don't have one as big as yours, but I have like, 5 lip glosses and a couple lip balms and lipsticks I have to go through! I hate hoarding different kinds, but with beauty boxes and free samples, I collected so much over the past couple of months alone! Trying to do a project 10 pan for myself. Just wondering, how long does it normally take you to finish an average size tube of lip gloss? If you apply it one or two times a day every day?

    Love your blog! You're so pretty. Keep writing!!!

  4. This lip color looks beautiful on you!

    xx Louise

  5. Such a gorgeous colour on you! It looks really natural but definitely gives a beautiful wash of colour over your lips.

  6. gorgeous color- it looks lovely on you!