Week in Photos

Hi lovelies,

A little snapshot of my week...

* I finally found a cookie jar! I've been looking for one for weeks now... I scoured every Williams-Sonoma to no avail.. I ended up finding this beauty at Crate&Barrel. Stay tuned for a post on what I plan to use it for ;).

* Enjoying an ice cream cookie sandwich on a sunny afternoon (while wearing Essie Brazilliant).

* Bought some fun accessories from J.Crew. I went for the Pixie pant but I didn't like them on :/.

* Re-purchased a MAC 109 brush and I'm so happy with it! I love this brush and I can't believe I waited this long to pick one up again. It's probably my favourite MAC brush. Great for blush, bronzer, anything really. It can really pack on the colour if you want it to.

Hope you all had a fabulous week(end)! xx


Ps, you may have noticed that my layout has changed slightly (again haha).

I was originally using the Classic Blogger Template with html. I was really pleased with it until I found out that there are so many limitations :(.

So I went back to the new blogger with xhtml/xml. I did some tweaking though so it looks very similar to my previous layout.


  1. 2 things I love: 1. that Mac brush. I use mine every day. Actually, I think sometimes I make excuses so I can use it more than once a day- it is so soft. 2: that you change nail polish colours as much as the wind changes direction. I wish I had the patience for that.

  2. @Mihaela love, love :D

    @talktomyshoes I am the same way! I'm already a blush addict but this brush makes me want to apply more and more lol. And I enjoy nail polish too much haha I actually find it relaxing to paint my nails xx

  3. How do you post your week in photos?!?! And I also saw you did a month in photos one! HELP!

    1. I used Instagram for both the week in photos & the march photo-a-day. For the week in photos, I used an app called Framtastic. For the march photo-a-day, I just used Photo Shop :). Hope that helps! xx

  4. The ice cream cookie sandwich seems so good !!